Eric Irons And The Anadrol 50 Experiment - Mind And Muscle

How Many ‘Drol You Taking E?

I always liked to see what happens when you go against the grain, especially when you are younger. Since I have aged and gotten wiser, I have reeled that kind of experimenting back in. Not looking to get planted in the ground this young. I called my little foray The Anadrol 50 Experiment.Well, as it stands, everyone seems to think Anadrol 50 is the strongest and most toxic steroid there is. It is very potent and very hepatoxic. That means hard on the liver for the less learned. Because it is oral, it has the nasty two pass hit on your liver. I love the gains, but it can be a bit rough putting on 20 lbs in 30 days. You get an absolute ton of water retention. Look like a water balloon after a few weeks. Everybody likes it because you get insane pumps and insane strength in short order.So I decided I would get after it in my own little experiment.

The Anadrol 50 Experiment E.I. Style

So I decided I was gonna run Anadrol 50 for 4 weeks, and i was going to do it at crazy doses. I figure it can’t kill you in 4 weeks right? Well, maybe that wasn’t the best thinking. So here is how I planned on doing it.

Week 1: 2 Anadrol 50 per day.  One in am/one in pm.

Week 2: 3 Anadrol 50 per day. One in am/one midday/one in pm

Week 3: 4 Anadrol 50 per day. One at 6 am/10 am/ 2 pm/ 6 pm

Week 4: 5 Anadrol 50 per day. One at 6 am/one at 10 am/one at 1 pm/ one at 4 pm/one at 8 pm

So this was 100 mg daily week one. Week two was 150 mg daily. Week three was 200 mg daily. Week four was 250 mg daily.

The Results of The Anadrol 50 Experiment

At the start of the experiment I was bencing about 440 lbs, squatting 545 lbs, and deadlifting about 545 lbs. My body weight was about 230-232 lbs depending on the time of day. Everything started out great great in the beginning. My weight was climbing nicely, my joints felt great, and I felt really strong. About week 3, I could barely fit into my shirts, I felt like a sausage trying to split its casing. My strength was through the roof. I was doing 405 lbs for 11 reps and 455 for 5-6 reps. It was incredible. When I would walk to class, I would have to stop halfway across campus because my calves were so pumped, I was in physical pain. Always late for class due to these breaks. My arms were certainly 1/2″ bigger I figured. I was strong, but i felt like I was a bit sluggish cardio wise. So at the end of 28 days, I remeasured my max weights, my body weight, and my physical size with a tape measure. At the end of 4 weeks, my chest was 1 1/2′ bigger, my arms were pressing 20″ and my legs were over 30″. My bench was up to 505 lbs, my squat was 600 lbs, and my deadlift was 585 lbs. I also got blood work donr and my SGOT and SGPT(now known as AST and ALT respectively) were both sky high. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that I weighed 258 lbs. I was huge and strong as hell. Probably dumb as hell to but i lived to tell about it. Kids, don’t try this at home, I am a trained professional (idiot).


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