Anabolic Steroids And Health Issues

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Anabolic Steroids And Health Issues: Common Problems

Over the past three decades I have seen many health issues with steroid use and abuse. Some of the issues are minor and transient in nature and others are severe and long lasting. I have seen people us small amounts and have major issues and I have seen people use enough anabolic steroids to make an elephant grow. The reason some people have issues and others do not is likely just due to the luck of genetics. Some people are literally human cockroaches! I have seen guys be absolutely reckless for 30 years and just never have any serious issues. I have seen guys get problems off just one cycle. It literally is a crap shoot. My feelings have always been to train as clean as possible as much of the year as you can, then run anabolic steroids as your show approaches. This way you limit the amount of damage you do to the body to 16 weeks versus year. That is just how I feel about it. The most coomon problems associated with anabolic steroid use are as follows: gynecomastia, acne, testicular shrinkage, hair loss. These are all somewhat minor. Gyno sucks because if the gland grows, you may need surgery. Hair loss is common as you notice most guys have bald heads on the Mr. Olympia stage. Acne can scar if not treated and testicular shrinkage reverses itself following PCT.

Anabolic Steroids And Health Issues: My Stories

In nearly thirty years of competitive bodybuilding, I have not escaped problems myself. While I have considered myself an educated user who always would be cautious, I still have had some issues. The first issue I ever encountered was in college when I tried Testosterone Suspension. Within 3 days of my initial use, I was doing chest and laid back with 100 lb dumbells to do presses and the weight hit my left nipple and I about jumped out of my skin. I literally got gland tissue growth in 3-4 days from my first injection. Needless to say, I got off that immediately. I think I pretty much got rid of it using Femera (letrozole), a second generation anti-aromatase inhibitor many year later. I never had any sexual problems thank God. Many of my friends had transient impotence and even fertility issues. That would absolutely suck. Its hard to have foresight at 22 years of age to see what will happen at 32 years of age. I also had very little hair loss for the longest time although it has caught up to me some as I passed the 40 year barrier. The two worst incidents I had were pretty crazy.

Anabolic Steroids And Health Issues: The Clay Boy Incident!


The one year in the late 1990’s, I did a show and was super lean. 3-4 days after the show I couldn’t do 10 mins on the stairs without being gassed out. I labored to walk a flight of stairs. I started to get massive edema systemically as well. My training partner said “Dude, your lips are white!” I had been passing black, tarry stool which is a sure sign of an upper GI bleed. I tried to ignore it. The edema got so bad my sister started calling me “clay boy.” You could literally change the shape of my body by pushing water around. I ended up going to the ER after 2 weeks. I felt better at this point and my hemoglobin level was 7; that’s the level they transfuse you at. I was lucky not to have a heart attack because my heart was racing for weeks trying to get oxygen to my muscles and organs. I was beyond anemic. The doctor asked what happened, I told him after the show i just quit everything cold turkey. I was sick of injecting myself so I just said no more. He said I went into adrenal crisis and that’s why “I swelled up like a Toad.” He injected me with 3 cc of cortisol to antagonize my glands to start working. Once they did, something really cool happened, I got strong as hell. I couldn’t eat protein at all so I was eating cereal. Sugar cereal specifically, like Captn Crunch, Reese’s Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, etc. I was doing close grip bench reps of 3 with 495 pounds. I could incline 3 at 495 pounds. It made no sense but I wasn’t complaining. Pretty soon I had all the big guys in our gym buying sugar cereals. Should have gotten kick backs from General Mills and I could have retired.

Anabolic Steroids And Health Issues: The Abscess From Hell!

When you compete, you tend to get a little reckless and stupid trying to get that best ever look. Like I said, I have always been conservative regarding use of anabolic steroids. My good friend talked me into site injecting water based Winstrol into my chest to “get more striations. What a fricking bad idea that was. I hit 1 cc of Winny into each pec about 3 weeks out of a huge state show. The one side was fine, the other side got swollen and red. I knew it was infected. I got some Cipro from my sister who always has it on hand due chronic bladder infections since her youth. It wasn’t going away and I knew I had to drain the abscess. My good friend is an RN and he offered to drain it for me. He came to the gym and we went in my office and he pussed out! He said, “Bro, I just can’t do it.” I said give me the needle and gauze. I used an 18 gauge syringe to pierce the abscess. I pushed on it in a milking fashion and a little blob of puss and blood came out. My buddy was like “that wasn’t too bad.” I said “yeah but it feels like more is in there.” I pushed harder and suddenly a 1″ river of puss and blood was pouring down my chest. It just kept flowing out as I milked the area. It was non-stop for 5 mins til it finally subsided. I did the same thing for the next 3 days and it was gone. I dodged a bullet on that one. The lesson learned, no more site injections and no more using any water based underground gear.

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Anabolic Steroids And Health Issues: Alternatives

Short of running gear which can be problematic from a health and legal perspective, what choices does one have if the care to maximize their results? Pro-hormones! They are legal, they are less expensive, and if one wants to compete, it’s like taking steroids up to a point. The pro-hormones on the market now are pretty damn strong, pretty precise, and are legal and safer than the black market underground on almost all fronts. I am not claiming them to be the same from an effectiveness standpoint and they can also cause health problems if not used as directed. They will give you the equivalent to a low dose, safe anabolic steroid cycle. Unless you plan on being a high level competitive bodybuilder, these are perfect products to get great results, to stay healthy, and to keep your ass out of jail. Why not try Mind and Muscles new Liquid Labs line? These are great products that are maximum strength and have a good variety of stand alone pro-hormones as well as a Basic Mass Stack and a Basic Cutting Stack that take advantage of the synergistic combining of various hormones to get your body both bigger and leaner. Don’t wait, order yours today!

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