Anabolic Steroids: Equipoise

huge guy liftingEquipoise is the trade name for the veterinary drug boldenone undecylenate. Equipoise is an injectable steroid which is strongly anabolic and moderately androgenic, being 100% as anabolic as testosterone but only 50% as androgenic. The undecylate ester is added to prolong the half-life of equipoise, so that in medical settings it only needs to be injected every 2-3 weeks. This is a fairly mild compound overall, and it is usually included as a part of a stack rather than used on its own. Equipoise has effects similar to deca-durabolin, though Equipoise is overall stronger and a bit more androgenic.

The estrogenic activity of Equipoise is low, though it does have the ability to convert to estrogen. Because of this, estrogenic side effects such as bloating can be an issue. The estrogenic side effects of Equipoise, however, are not as pronounced as other compounds with estrogenic activity such as testosterone, so there should be no need for a strong anti-estrogen during the cycle. Because of its mild nature, Equipoise is not incredibly suppressive to natural testosterone production, making it a good compound to include as a part of a stack. Though Equipoise has the ability to convert to DHT, Equipoise does not do so to any significant degree. This means that any androgenic side effects are only a result of Equipoise itself. Because of this, the androgenic side effects of Equipoise such as acne and hair loss are low, but still existent.

Equipoise is typically dosed in the range of 200-400 mg per week, in weekly injections. Despite the long half-life of Equipoise, weekly injections are still typical in order to keep to total volume of drug injected at one time down. When using doses higher than the typical range or when using a solution with low amounts of drug per mL, even more frequent injections may be required.

To sum up Equipoise in a few sentences, it is an injectable steroid used in veterinary medicine for horses. Equipoise is somewhat mild in nature, and so are its side effects. Both estrogenic and androgenic side effects are a possibility, though they are not a big concern. This versatile compound is best used as a part of a stack for either cutting or bulking. Equipoise is not intended for human use, and is only available in the black market.

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