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Myostatin CowEpicatechin is a brand new supplement that is on the market…well, new for mass and muscle growth that is!  This supplement is certainly good for you as it’s found in chocolate and green tea.  It was known to be a potent anti-oxidant and also help with things like heart health and type 2 diabetes.  Luckily, it also has one really amazing quality for mass building!

If you’ve ever seen those pictures of myostatin knockout gene bulls from a decade ago, you understand the power myostatin has on the body.  These bulls and mice look like they are so stacked with muscle that they can barely walk as you can see in the image.  Now, realize that this is from a lifetime of a deficiency of myostatin, so I don’t want to suggest that taking a cycle of epicatechin will do this to you, but it will help if you take it long term.


Myostatin is a protein found in the body that is one of the main signaling molecules to tell you to tear muscle down!  That of course is bad for bodybuilders since we want all the mass that our frame will hold.

10 years ago companies realized that myostatin was a major pathway for muscle growth and they released some really questionable supplements to help combat the effects of this enzyme.  First there was myozap, which was an extract of Cystoseira Canariensis.  This “marine algae” showed that some fractions did inhibit myostatin in a dish, but the real world results just didn’t pan out.  People wasted thousands and thousands of dollars on this before realizing it was a bullshit supplement.


Myostatin was pretty much forgotten for many years, just sitting in the corner without a hero.  In 2015 a study was found that revealed epicatechin was able to reduce myostatin in mice and increase grip strength.  This along with a host of other benefits in exercise makes epicatechin quite a novel find for people trying to put on muscle mass.

The study was repeated in a small group of men, where 50mg of epicatechin was given and hand strength tested, along with the levels of myostatin.  What the researchers found was that myostatin levels compared to follistatin went down and strength increased after 5 days.  This means that epicatechin certainly has a positive benefit in humans and could be great for helping build mass, especially stacked with things like prohormones and creatine.

To get the additive effects of epicatechin, you should stack it with creatine monohydrate and also prohormones.  If you do this and take it for 2-6 months, you can start to look like the bull in the top picture!




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