Prohormones: EpiAndrosterone

strong guy lifting5a-epiAndrosterone – 3b-hydroxy-etioallocholan-17-one

This pro-hormone is a precursor to Stanolone, which, is a very androgenic hormone that can, in theory, cause some hair loss issues.  Oddly enough, this hasn’t played out in the real world and this product is quickly becoming the favorite for people looking to cut up and gain strength.  It should skyrocket your sex drive and increase intensity in the gym, which will certainly make you feel like working out even harder.  Overall, it is a good builder, but not a mass monster, so it is suitable to stack this with other anabolic prohormones or alone if you are looking to do a lean bulk or cut.  You should dose this at 300-400mg per day for 4 to 6 week cycles.  It is a very good product that has some serious potential to build mass, along with other agents, or as a cutter on its own. However, don’t look at it as the mass monster prohormone for your stack.  The side effects seem very mild.  Perhaps, one could get some acne and hairloss but it is not at all estrogenic and cannot convert to estrogen, making it safe for many different uses.  Actively, it is about 2X as potent as testosterone in all tissues once you swamp the enzyme and get past the 3aHSD issue in skeletal muscle.  Finally, this PH has some serious neuro-stimulating effects which can make your sex drive go through the roof.

End Conversion Steroid: Stanalone
Androgenic Value: 194 – 194% of testosterone (1.94 times as androgenic as testosterone)
Anabolic Value: 194 – 194% of testosterone (1.94 times as anabolic as testosterone)

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