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Stimulants: Ephedrine / Ephedra Leaves

The grand daddy of all legal stimulants is ephedrine.  This is a well studied, safe and effective weightloss aid that mixes well with other stimulants to give a true fat burning effect. This of course was pulled from the American market officially in 2006.  It is a very potent fat burner and has very good stimulating effects that are well documented.  It has been the subject of numerous studies showing it to be both safe and effective at increasing weight loss.  Unfortunately, it had one minor problem, it can easily be turned into meth-amphetamines (crystal meth), which is why it was labeled public enemy #1 by the U.S. government.  Don’t believe that it caused that baseball player’s death or any such craziness.  Tens of millions of ephedra and ephedrine pills were sold in the U.S. with no deaths or serious injuries.  More people die of bee stings every year or coconuts falling then from Ephedrine, yet millions of people now live in complete fear of ephedrine due to propaganda.  It is still available mixed with an exporant, which won’t hurt you yet seems to mess up the conversion to methy-amphetamine.  Sadly the ingredient guailfenesen is added to most ephedrine products, which makes it much less attractive for daily use. Ephedrine is very useful as a topical agent, oral fatloss product and even some off label users snort it.  It is safe when used responsibly.

Ephedra Leaves

Don’t be fooled, this is all you will find on today’s market that isn’t a OTC drug.  The bad news is that these new crop of ephedra leaves products don’t contain any ephedrine (which is what made you lose the weight).  This is basically a scam to get people to think that they are buying ephedra, but really buying the brown powder that is left after the ephedrine alkaloids are removed.

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