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Effects Of Spinning

Remember the group class, the spinning class you avoid? It may be beneficial to go once in a while.

What is spinning?

Short form: Big classroom, many bikes and a lot of sweat



  • An effective workout
  • Varied routines
  • Perfect for all ability levels
  • Highly motivating
  • Not weather dependent
  • Individual intensity level
  • Social interaction
  • No impact on joints


  • You’re not on a real bike
  • Classes can become monotonous
  • You have to push yourself for maximum effect


You will be determining cadence, resistance as well as body position at all times, but, the instructor has guidelines and pushes you to work hard. Whether or not is up to you which means you get what you put in.

Spinning is a long-term endurance exercise, which increases your cardiac biomarkers. One of such biomarkers is myoglobin, which is shown to be increased for up to 24 hours post spinning class by about 72% (Duttaroy, pg. 2). Myoglobin is a hemoprotein that is expressed in cardiac myocytes and oxidative skeletal muscle and is an O2-storage protein in muscle, capable of releasing O2.

Research shows spinning improves the post-exercise effect, even without music and regardless of instructor’s presence (Szabo). The results for cardiac muscle and chemical reactions that occurred were higher during a long-term spinning class as in comparison to a short-term maximal exercise.

Just like any other cardio exercise, spinning improves body composition by an expenditure of calories (450 for 45 mins), builds legs and butt (you will feel it the next day), increases your aerobic capacity – healthy heart and is non-impact.




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