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Super Pancakes What?

Gain Muscle Lose Fat! Sounds like some fancy diet pill advertisement! So you’re telling me, you can eat pancakes and lose fat while gaining muscle? How can this be? Well, it’s the gospel according to researchers at Skidmore University in the USA.  So how do you do this? Researchers say replacing flour with resistant starch and adding whey protein to your batter will boost muscle growth and cause fat burning.

The Study: Super Pancakes, Gain Muscle Lose Fat

Regular flour is comprised of glucose molecules. The body can break these bonds down and absorb the glucose as energy. It also has the potential to be stored as body fat. Resistant starch on the other hand can’t be broken down by enzymes, but rather gut bacteria that converts the resistant starch into short fatty acids. They didn’t say exactly what starch was used, but it could be hydroxy-propyl distarch phosphate.

They broke 70 women into 4 groups. The members of each group were given a couple of pancakes for breakfast each. When breakfast was finished, the researchers measured the extra energy the women’s bodies made as well as the amount of fat and carbohydrates the women burned. All four groups were eating the same amount of pancakes.

4 Groups

WMS (digestible starch)

WMS+WP (digestible starch and whey protein)

RS (resistant starch)

RS+WP (resistant starch and whey protein)


The women’s energy expenditure raised after eating pancakes, especially those that were made from digestible starch. The women who ate RS+WP saw immediate fat burning. This study shows that eating resistant starch and whey protein may be a way of helping obese people to lose weight. The resistant starch probably blunts the normal insulin response. So instead of storing calories, you let the body slide into ketosis faster, promoting fat burning while the whey protein supports muscle growth.

Nutr J. 2015 Oct 29;14(1):113.


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