Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog : T4R concluded


Im 174 this am and im just getting harder. Waist is still 29.0 inches and burgeoning on 28.75.

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Thank you so much for this amazing year we have had and we will continue to bring you the best in ideas, presumed wisdom, and #BADASSsupplements!

This week I concluded Thor week with some Delts and Back. I also am half way through Freya with only Freya back left and I’m on Fenris legs today. I was doing two workouts a day to get torn up from the floor up so I can rest and recharge in Vegas….and lift heavy ass weight with Fenris week!!!!!

of all of T4R, Thor Back, Chest, and Legs have been my favorites for those parts. I liked Loki arms the most for arms and Freya delts for delts

Thor Back

Rack Pulls 5 x 5
worked up to 495 for 4

Weighted Pull ups 5×5
Used pulldowns and worked up to 220 for 5

Supported T-Bar rows 5 x 5
Worked up to 4.5 plates for 5 shitty reps, 4 plates was picture perfect on the way up and down

Seated Cable Rows FST-7 x 8
worked up to 275 for 5

Thor Shoulders

Military Press 5×5
this didn’t go as planned. I only got 165 for 4+1

Behind the Back Smith BB Press 5 x 5
I worked up to 170 on this

Upright Rows 5 x 5
worked up to 70 lb dumbbells but they looked like shit

Shrugs 5 x 5
worked up to 405 or so on these

Lateral Raises FST 7 x 8
I stuck to 25s on thee as I was tired.

I had just trained Thor back the night before so I was beat!!

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