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PCT is a very hot topic for both steroid users and prohormone users. There is so much focus on people using HCG and Tamoxifen (Nolvadex ® ) for recovery that they completely miss natural products that can be a safer and easier alternative to HCG and Tamoxifen.


Both HCG and Tamoxifen have their downsides so let’s discuss the “brolore” that you NEED Tamoxifen and HCG after a cycle of steroids or prohormones. On the boards, everyone will claim that you need to have both available and ANYONE who says otherwise is irresponsible, reckless and dangerous.

Unfortunately, these two compounds are prescription drugs and have some serious downsides for anyone who is lifting.

First, HCG is a drug used to induce pregnancy in women. Women have the same basic “plumbing” as males when it comes to hormone release and the ovaries are very similar to testes but have a sac of aromatase around them so the testosterone that they produce in immediately converted to estradiol and other estrogens like estrone and estriol.

HCG is a powerful drug and the main concern when using it is the desensitizing of the Ledig Cells. These cells take the signal from LH and FSH and tell the testicles to make testosterone. HCG is just a synthetic form of LH. One huge factor with HCG is that it can burn out the Ledig cells if does too high, which means that once you do that neither the HCG nor your natural LH will work well for quite some time. Most HCG is found on the grey market and there is no way to know how you are dosing it since you really have no quality control or standards. Additionally, the math on mixing HCG isn’t always easy, so it’s very common to make a mistake.

Tamoxifen is a SERM, which means selective estrogen response modifier. This long term simply means that it blocks estrogen at one receptor. Unfortunately, this prescription drug has some serious side effects that we need to know about!

First, it can lower IGF-1 levels. Numerous studies show that Tamoxifen reduces IGF-1 levels. So, for those of you looking to put on size, you may want to avoid tamoxifen for just this reason alone.

Second, it can close growth plates in the penis and bone. This drug is not completely understood by scientists (unlike “bros”, who know everything). What is being found is that Tamoxifen can be an estrogen in some tissues, may stop you from growing taller and may stop your penis from growing bigger. If you are under 23, this is a major issue and you should avoid Tamoxifen at all costs.

Third, it can cause depression in some people which is a horrible side effect. Weight lifting is a mental game and depression can hinder gains just as much as any other factor.

Finally, stacking caffeine with tamoxifen can increase it’s potency. Many of you take in at least 300mg of caffeine per day and in one study it shows that caffeine can increase the effect of tamoxifen. Remember this dosing protocol was meant for women with breast cancer, not males who consume LARGE amounts of caffeine and other supplements.


You don’t need tamoxifen or HCG after a prohormone cycle, while you can take a good NATURAL PCT product, I would suggest you stick with an approach that combines an aromatase inhibitor like ATD-DHEA. I would also suggest to looking at herbal testosterone boosters like Longjack and other herbs.


I make a living by formulating and selling my own and other people’s formulations. Please take a look at Rise and Swell from Liquid Labs. It contains the most advanced series of ingredients for boosting testosterone at every level. Rise and Swell contains Calcium D-Aspartate (the form of DAA in studies showing an effect), Calcium Lactate (reduces myostatin and boosts testosterone), Ginger Extract (increases the testicles ability to make testosterone), Vitamin D (an important co-factor in testosterone production) and Puarerin (increases IGF-1 levels).

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