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Men are vain creatures! In fact the main reason a male will use anabolic steroids is to look better to attract more female attention and feel good about themselves. Sadly, many anabolic steroid users also fear losing their hair, since hair loss is one of the key side effects when using anabolic steroids so they avoid anything hormonal. So, do steroids cause hair loss?


Do steroids cause hair loss? The short answer is “yes” steroids can certainly cause hair loss in some people. Some people will lose hair no matter what they do and others can take the most disgusting steroid cycle and have a full head of hair. The truth is that is depends on many factors including most importantly:

Genetics – if you have the genetics for baldness, you are going to likely experience hair loss on steroids. Then again you are going to experience hair loss in general. Steroids will speed up this effect.

Type of Steroid and Hair Loss – some steroids make hair loss way worse and some are quite mild and can even reverse hair loss. DHT steroids and “wet” steroids like testosterone seem to increase hair loss due to the combination of estrogen and DHT at the hair follicle. It is our belief that DHT causes thinning BUT the combination of DHT AND ESTROGEN cause follicle death.

  1. The Worst Steroids (Worst to Safest):
    Testosterone – probably the worst for the hairline since it converts into both estrogen and DHT.
    Trenbolone – very high androgenic so it is tough for baldness
    Drostanolone- methyl-DHT is bad for the hair, but the estrogen reduction makes it less than testosterone.
    Oxymetholone – this is a DHT isomer and can certainly have issue with the hair line.
  2. The Safest Steroids:
    Oxandrolone – this is a DHT steroid but it’s A ring modification seems to leave it without serious hair loss issues.
    Boldenone – this steroid is mild on the hair but it does have some small conversion to estrogen.
    Methanolone – this is 2-methyl-1-testosterone and seems to be disabled in the hair.
    Nandrolone – this is nor-testosterone and actually could reduce or reverse hair loss, especially when combined with an estrogen blocker.
  3. The Worst Prohormones:
    4-Andro (4-DHEA) – similar to testosterone it converts to both estrogen and DHT which causes hair loss in men who are prone to such things.
    EpiAndro – a precursor to DHT causes some thinning but doesn’t convert to estrogen so it likely won’t cause “loss”
    1-Andro (1-DHEA) – a prohormone to 1-Testosterone this is technically a DHT derivative but doesn’t convert into estrogen so it can cause some thinning.
  4. The Safest Prohormones:
    1,4-Andro (1,4-DHEA) – similar to boldenone it has a slight conversion to estrogen and some conversion to 1-Testosterone.
    5aOHP – this progestin should have zero estrogen conversion and some slight DHT activity.
    1,4-OHP – this progestin has little to no androgenic effect and is not estrogenic.
    19-Nor-Andro (19Nor-DHEA) – this may actually have a beneficial effect when it comes to reducing DHT activity.


Seems like there are two receptor subtypes, or at least two enzyme concentrations that exist in cells in relation to the androgen receptor or more than likely both. These seem to be type 1 in the muscle and type 2 in the hair, prostate and brain. Realize that is not an accepted belief, just a theory. That being said, we want to look at how we can best reduce the chances of steroid effects on the hairline. There must be some validity to this, since this is the mechanism in which SARM’s work.


  • Block DHT:
    Finasteride (trade name Propecia(R)) – blocking DHT using finasteride is a commonly accepted way of preventing hair thinning and hair loss.
    Saw Palmetto – this extract seems to reduce DHT conversion and also reduces hair loss via another mechanism.
  • Reduce Estrogen:
    Tamoxifen – this prescription drug blocks estrogen at the receptor and has been shown to restore hair when used topically.
    Indole-3-Carbinol – this extract of cruciferous veggies can turn strong estrogens into weak ones, making it great for reducing the effects of estrogen.
    Chrysin – at a dose of about 500-700mg, men can use this natural aromatase inhibitor to reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.
    Exemestane – this steroidal aromatase inhibitor can reduce the conversion of testosterone and other wet androgens to estrogen.
  • Increase Activity:
    Minoxidil – this is a vasodilator that is used topically to increase blood flow to the hair follicles.
    Melatonin – topical melatonin has been shown in some studies to increase follicular activity.
    Ketocanozole – Nizoral ® shampoo can help reduce hair loss activity, the key is leaving it on for a long time.


The answer to whether steroids cause your hair to fall out is “it depends on the person and depends on the steroid” but hopefully this will give you vain people something to think about before starting that next cycle. You could just shave it all off like so many of us have done…

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