DMAA Is Gone - The History of DMAA - Mind And Muscle


Everyone is up in arms because DMAA is gone from the market, but to be honest I am not terribly upset. DMAA is not the “holy grail” stimulant for each person. It has a long history and it’s not one that is particularly interesting.

Tale of Two Marketing Companies

Company E released DMAA in 2009 in a fat burner that contained caffeine and chocamine and other things for fat loss. It was a great formula and it probably sold about 1000 bottles per month. No one really gave it much of a look and it didn’t sell well. Company E is not a very strong marketing company which means it relied on science and a cult following for revenue.

Company E eventually folded and ended up dropping DMAA from it’s list of ingredients.

Now let’s look at the next company and how they went to market. They stacked their product which was a preworkout with DMAA, Caffeine and Theophylline. The last ingredient is an asthma medication and is something you can certainly feel. It’s also found in green tea and other plants. Being a drug, it was unclear if it can be sold as a dietary ingredient so the manufacturer pulled it out of their formula.

Company U as we will call them is a great marketing company and lead a revolution away from larger dosed preworkouts to “ultraconcentrated” doses. Which means much of the active ingredients were stripped out. Due to this combination you could certainly feel the effects but the hype was likely created by the Theophylline in the product and not the DMAA. Still, once established the brand skyrocketed.

This company went on to produce a fat burner similar to Company E which sold millions of bottles. This leads me to believe that DMAA is more about marketing than about the actual ingredient being ultra-potent. DMAA isn’t incredibly strong and is no where near ephedrine (which is was supposed to replace).

So, here you have it. The ingredient failed miserably in formula 1 while formula 2 was considered the best thing on the market. Again, this tells me that DMAA is less about the ingredient and more about the hype surrounding it.

The Market Will Evolve

When the market lost ephedrine in 2004, there was a mad panic about the fate of weight loss aids. The market found new items like Methyl-Synpehrine and DMAA and a host of new ingredients. We will likely see that here as well.

DMHA is a similar compound to DMAA and it also is being sold but it shares much of the same concerns as DMAA, We will probably see another move by the government to ban this ingredient down the line. It takes about 2-3x the dose of DMHA to get the same feel as DMAA.

Other popular brands have taken out everything but the basics like yohimbine and caffeine and are doing well, so we will always have plenty of preworkouts to take on the daily. Don’t worry!


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