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Dymethazine Is 2 Methasterone Molecules

Dymethazine is very similiar to methasterone in many ways.

Six years ago Ergo-Log proposed that the anabolic steroid dymethazine was literally identical to methasterone, the active steroid in Superdrol. Both of these steroids are liver destroyers, even though some would have you believe they are different molecules. This hypothesis was based on these two being very similiar in structure. Usually they are going to react very similar if they are very similar in structure.

The structural formula of dymethazine is made by taking two methasterone units and ataching them via a nitrogen bond. This bond isn’t going to hold up well in the GI tract. Therefore, Ergo-Log figured it would come apart and form two separate methasterone steroid molecules.

Many bodybuilders have had problems from ingesting methasterone. Companies selling dymethazine marketed it as a mild anabolic steroid, with a potent anabolic effect and little to no side effects. Ergo-Log hedged that it was bad and now it seems proof will come out in the form of a study in Belgium at Ghent University Biomedical Chrmotography Department. The researchers confirm that dymethazine is indeed hardly stable at all. In an acid environment, like that of the stomach, the compound is quickly converted into methasterone.

The researchers gave dymethazine to mice and then examined what substances were passed in the animals’ urine. The researchers found hardly little dymethazine but a lot of methasterone. In fact, every last metabolite was that of methasterone. This will put to rest any debate as to this compound being any safer than methasterone. They are quite literally the same compound from a functional chemical standpoint.

Biomed Chromatogr. 2015 Dec 10. doi: 10.1002/bmc.3668. [Epub ahead of print].




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