“You’re a doctor, I can’t believe you do/don’t (insert judgmental stereotype)” is something I hear every day.  From eating off the floor, to driving without a seatbelt I just never got the hang of doing stuff the safe way just because I was told to.   

A good example is today.  I was driving to work late as usual, speeding without a seatbelt texting and drinking coffee and I said to myself: “Self, lets try that stuff which upregulates your androgen receptor today.”  

But something special happened.  Call it divine intervention, destiny’s need to be fulfilled as if I have a higher purpose, or just plain common sense, but I decided to actually look the stuff up before i drank it.  I say stuff because 3 hours ago I had no idea what it was, what it was called, where it came from, or anything else.  All I knew is that if you want to win at the level I’m at you have to do whatever it takes because thats what the guy who is going to beat you is doing. You have to do everything they are doing, AND invent new things if you want to be the best.  I was raised to be the best of the best at everything I do or to die trying.

Today I was going to invent and try a prototype of a supplement that would be a new class, androgen receptor upregulators.


Androgen receptors are what testosterone and other anabolic hormones bind to.  Thus the more androgen receptors you have the more masculine you become.  Or if you limit that to just muscle the more muscular you become. In other words If I could upregulate the androgen receptors on my muscles I could improve the anabolic to androgenic ratio of any pro hormone or steroid.  Since at Mind and Muscle we sell oral and sublingual prohormones which act as “keys” to muscle growth, adding something that increased the number of “Locks” on muscle cells would make these products way more effective. Additionally a stand alone product would be something any man could benefit from almost as much as taking steroids or prohormones, without having to do so.  It would simply revolutionize the industry forever.  Immortality through helping people as opposed to immortality the way Oppenheimer achieved it.  

What Is This Magic You Speak Of?

The compound is called Dihydrocoumarin.  It is also called “sweet clover” and is a food additive and is used in cosmetics.  It is rumored to suppress a family of proteins located in every cell in your body. The family is called SIRT1-7.  I focused only on type 1 for this article because it is the only one in muscle.

What Is SIRT1 And What Does It Do?

To really understand you have to grasp a few core concepts.  If you’re prone to nosebleeds skip to the next paragraph. DNA (oh shit! Were getting that real!?) is transcribed to make RNA and RNA is translated to make proteins. Proteins do more things than make your muscle bigger, all the structure and enzymes in your body are made of protein.  Histones are like spools that DNA is wound around. While wound around this histone core DNA can’t be transcribed…How would you split apart the strands?   SIRT1 keeps the DNA on the histones.  If there were no histones then DNA would be endlessly transcribed and translated and eventually cells would age, die, or in the case of a cancer cell grow ultra fast and be unstoppable.   So in one sentence; SIRT1’s main function is to slow your aging and prevent cancer from growing.    

Lets say your like me and still are considering sacrificing a few years and risking cancer just for bigger guns, here is a more descriptive explanation on what SIRT1 does.

SIRT1 is upregulated in a calorie restricted state.  This means if your body is getting less energy than it needs to function at its current metabolic rate SIRT1 is increased to alter (decrease) new protein synthesis.

SIRT1 in muscle does 2 really important things: It inhibits the synthesis of androgen receptors and it decreases uncoupling proteins.  So inhibiting SIRT1 would cause androgen receptors to UPREGULATE and it would INCREASE Uncoupling proteins! The confusing thing is that in the adipose(fat) cells SRT1 burns fat in a calorie restricted state. This would seem to indicate its great when mass building but bad when cutting.

SIRT1 increases Insulin secretion from the pancreas, increases insulin release and acts on the insulin receptor.  Since insulin builds muscle SRT1 is helpful when bulking from an insulin standpoint but not when cutting.  

From these points we can conclude that when in a calorie restricted state the SRT1 is upregulated and burns more fat, inhibits muscle synthesis and makes the muscle use fat more efficiently. It also causes insulin to be released to ensure the muscle gets the fuel it needs from the fat being released from the fat cells.

Although inhibiting it would upregulate muscle growth and make fat burning by the muscle less efficient (thats a good thing), it would sequester fat in the fat cell and there would be less insulin to grow muscle with. Perhaps in an already lean person with a low carb diet who isn’t worried about cancer then it would help with building muscle and burning off intramuscular fat stores.  Perhaps the few weeks after a bodybuilding competition would be an optimal time. One would be low in body fat, have no real intramuscular fat, would be primed for growth, and would be on a slow calorie increase.

If you ARE the above here are a few more reasons not to use it.

In the Heart SIRT1 protects against damage during a heart attack.

In the blood vessels SIRT1 increases NO vasodilation and vessel migration, thus promoting pumps, and vascularity.  It also prevents aging of the cardiovascular system and inhibiting it would lead to a shorter life of the person.  And more importantly your pumps would suck.

Cigarette smoke decreases SIRT1.  This may explain why it promotes cancer and aging since the main function of SIRT1 is to inhibit cancer and aging.  This means in this one regard dihydrocoumarin is like smoking cigs.

SIRT1 has functions in the breast as well…guess what, it prevents breast cancer.


Still Want To Inhibit SIRT1?  

Researchers tried inhibiting SIRT family with Dihydrocoumarin.  The result was acetylation of p53 and apoptosis of a large percentage of the cells in the tissue tested. This means not only does inhibition accelerate aging, it actually kills a large portion of cells.  Sounds like cigarettes doesn’t it?

Boy am I glad I looked this up before I tried it.  This was some of the densest scientific data I have ever read. Ever.  Its like they tried to make it as confusing as possible.  Its so bad that if someone was trying to sue a company for putting Dihydrocoumarin in baby formula because their baby melted, the company would get off if these articles were submitted as evidence. Yes they are so obscure with their wording that almost no one would get it. and its like 10000 words of material.   


Now For Real Life

The only person I know who has used it said it was like going on juice for the first time.  That the benefits are worth the risk.  He pointed out anyone who does what hardcore bodybuilders do to win are already risking death and dismemberment every day and dihydrocoumarin is a lot safer than just upping your dose of steroids forever.

I have to agree.  A small run of Dihydrocoumarin after a brutal contest prep to repair your receptor density against all the down regulation it suffered from a bathtub full of steroids from every kitchen on the east coast is actually a safer option.  If you can decrease your dose from 1000 test down to 400 test and get THE SAME RESULTS then yes, this stuff is safer.  


Want to boost SIRT?  Resveratrol does this! This is why it has so many seemingly unrelated positive health implications.  Form XT has resveratrol and an aromatase inhibitor to decrease estrogen.  My most recent article was on how Estrogen is a carcinogen and is the primary cause of prostate cancer.  Lowering estrogen would cause the testosterone you DO have to work much better and ipso facto would result in a similar effect: you could lower your test dose to get the same result.  

So to use 2 methods to protect agaisnt cancer and get a similar result as you would obtain with Dihydrocoumarin without the risks use Form XT!

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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