Diet Tricks - Mind And Muscle

You’re trying to get shredded for summer? Struggling with weight or fat loss? Since I am currently in preparation of an upcoming show, trying to lean out, here a few tips on how to get to your goal.



Taking a fat burner will assist you to get to where you want to be. It’s important to follow a clean diet and strict workouts regardless. Input must be smaller than output in order to lose weight. Mind and Muscle offers 2 fat burners that I’ve used prior and can totally recommend: T2 and Hydroxy Elite.T2-150x150@2x



In order to lose weight your input must be smaller than your output. So whether you increase cardio or decrease your nutrient intake…. If you do both at the same time you’ll be guaranteed success. Fasted cardio works best for me. Fasted? Means cardio prior to eating anything in the morning, this will increase your metabolic rate for the rest of the day and also utilize stored fat for fuel (there is nothing else to be burnt after a night of fasting).


Apple Cider Vinegar in the Morning

There has been research that suggests that it helps with fat loss. I’ve made myself a subject to see whether it helps me or not. I must say, it’s helped me with my digestive system, feels like I feel more “clean”.


Tea 67379_1

I like to drink tea before bed. It helps me to calm down prior to sleep but it’s also crucial to be hydrated before going to bed. Two of the teas that I love are roasted dandelion and super slimming tea.



People that know me know my obsession for coffee. Coffee is actually a natural diuretic and thermogenic and can therefore help with weight loss. Just don’t get addicted like me…. It’s bad.


Walden Farms Products

All Walden Farm products are zero calories. They offer creamer, salad dressings, pancake or maple syrup, chocolate sauce etc. Whether or not it’s really that good for you I’m not too sure about. It’s something to get me through prep though.


Mio/Diet Pop

Whenever I am hungry but ate all my meals I drink water, diet pop or crystal light. In moderation this will help you with your sweet tooth and also add to your daily intake of water.


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