My First Experience With Diet Pills

My homegirl Jen suggested this article and I realized this isn’t common knowledge, in fact most people do this completely ass backwards.

My First Experience With Diet Pills

In 2002 or so some guy calls me up from Tennessee or something and talks me into buying these pills for fat loss. I wasn’t perfect so I thought it sounded like a good idea. First thing I noticed was how jacked up I was. People talk about energy but this was closer to anxious mania. I felt crazy and uncomfortable and I had no control over my thoughts. I couldn’t sleep and it was quite the profound effect.

I watched Requiem For a Dream, and in it Jared Leto’s mom was addicted to diet pills. Spoiler alert! She was institutionalized as a result of the overstimulation. What i got out of the movie was if I wanted to have Jennifer Connelly I needed to shoot heroin.   Normal people think ”drugs = bad”

The observation of the extreme reaction the woman in the movie had to diet pills WHILE I was feeling the exact same thing hit home. Diet pills weren’t for me. Or are they?

When You Should Use Them

The western medicine system has created a country full of lazy drug addicts. People with an uncomfortable issue go to a doctor and pay him to write them a script for a drug to cover up their discomfort. At no time are they taught why they have this discomfort or how to fix it. A perfect example of how this gets out of hand is diet pills. Instead of diet and exercise most people turn to drugs first. They don’t want to change anything about themselves or their life, they just want someone else to take their symptoms away.

Diet pills do have a place. When your cutting and you have your training and diet all figured out then there are certain times when a diet pill will work. The best time of day is first thing in the morning before you do your fasted cardio. This is when your cortisol is its highest and your diet pill will amplify the effects of the cortisol and burn a ton of fat. If however you have carbs at every meal, then there is no point to a diet pill.  At the times of day where your using diet pills you should be in a low or no carb state.   Since your not having any carbs until after your workout in the evening, you would burn fat with diet pills throughout the day and then after your workout load up on your carbs so you refill your glycogen. For more on this check out the Carb Back Loading diet and the Anabolic Window articles.

Taking diet pills without a fixed calorie diet will likely result in you gaining weight as you nervously over consume. Many obese people are that way because of stress eating. They eat when they are emotional not when hungry. I don’t understand this at all but I know it exists, Like Veganism.

Diet Pills

Diet pills work by speeding up your metabolism. Not through the Thyroid hormones like T3 and T2, but through stimulants. These act like adrenal hormones or cause increased secretion of adrenal hormones.  This may eat up muscle tissue or cause anxiety. Since I want neither of these negative effects, when I make fat loss products I don’t use anything that stimulates the Alpha-1 or Beta-1 adrenal receptors, or use illegal stimulants.  I dont want to get cracked out, I want to lose fat while preserving my muscle. I like to use the very best ingredients that have no negative effects and I combine them so they work synergistically.


The Best Fat Burning Ingredients

Caffeine – This is a great ergogenic. It increases the amount of cAMP in your cells by inhibiting their clearance, thus your cAMP has a longer half life. This upregulation of cellular activity and metabolism is independent of the adrenal gland so it shouldn’t cause muscle loss.

Synephrine – Also known as bitter orange it binds to the beta-3 adrenal receptor on fat cells. This causes the fat cell to release fatty acids into the bloodstream to be used as fuel. It mimics the adrenal hormone adrenaline but selectively binds this Beta -3 receptor not Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Beta-1, or Beta-2.  This means it gets some of the effects of adrenaline (fat loss) but not others (anxiety, blood pressure spikes, etc.)

Clenbuterol/Albuterol – Not an ingredient in diet pills, these are prescription drugs which are synthetic versions of adrenal hormones that preferentially bind to the Beta-2 receptor which enhances lung function,  fat burning, and supposedly activates muscle cells to be stimulated by T4. When the muscle is stimulated by T4 in these conditions it protects the muscle from T3’s muscle wasting effects.

For this reason everyone runs Clen when they run T3 because it protects the muscles from the T3. Clen itself kind of sucks because if you use it for more than a week you might have permanently reduced lung capabilities. The only point of clen is if you’re using T3 and then its only a rescue agent. Since T2 is as good as T3 at burning fat but it also suppresses not increases appetite and it doesn’t eat white fibers but actually grows them T2 obviates the need for T3 and Clen, thus making T2 the legal alternative to BOTH these illegal drugs.

Raspberry Ketones – Someone payed Doctor Oz to sell out and endorse this shit. It’s just an Alpha-1 receptor agonist so it turns up heart rate and contractility and blood pressure and decreases appetite.

Yohimbine – My all time favorite, this is an Alpha 2 agonist. It basically causes the body to choose the fat cells that you want to burn the most, namely belly fat on men and hips on women.

L-Carnitine – After synephrine, GH, caffeine, and yohimbine liberate fat from fat cells into the bloodstream L- Carnatine transports it to the Mitochondria where T2 chews it up and the energy from the fat is wasted as heat. Unless you’re working out then that energy is used for your workout!

What diet pill has all these good things?

No one diet pill will have all these primary fat burners, many have herbal versions of the things above by the dozen. Guarana, mao hung, and a plethora of other culture’s names for basically the same things.

The perfect diet pill would have caffeine, synephrine and yohimbine and by adding T2 you would get the appetite suppressive effects of raspberry ketones and you wouldn’t need the illegal drugs clenbuterol or T3.

To get this effect, to use all legal supplements and get the same benefits of using illegal drugs use Ultimate FAT LOSS STACKRezolution (for the caffeine and synephrine), Wyked 2.1 (for the Caffeine, GH fat burning effects, L-Carnitine, and Yohimbine), and T2 ( to replace T3 and obviate the need for Clen).

I have bundled all three of these Plus a topical Yohimbine to target your hard to burn fat deposits. Here is the New Ultimate Fat Loss Stack!



Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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