Diet Coach: Good, Bad, and Ugly


Why Use A Diet Coach?

That is truly the million dollar question. Why use a coach to do something we all know how to do right? Eating has to be easy because all of us do it everyday. The problem is that many of us do it wrong and don’t know why. Is it the right foods at the wrong time or the wrong foods period? So why spend your hard earned money on a diet coach? The answer lies in the fact that a good coach can hone you in on a plan that works for you and your lifestyle. They will work within your parameters to make the diet workable for your lifestyle. That is the only way this works; it has to fit your life or you won’t do it. At that point it is a waste of money. You also need a plan that works for your body type. Some coaches are too rigid in their approach. They forget that the average person has limitations throughout their day. They have meetings, kids, sporting events, doctors, dentists, and on and on. Many diet coaches think everyone can just sit with their 6 Pack Cooler and stuff their face every 3 hours. That is usually not the case. So how does one go about picking the right coach?


Diet Coach: The Good

When you see a diet coach who knows what they are doing, its like watching an artist do sculpture. They take one form and make it another through subtle manipulations of food instead of a tool. I have worked with a few coaches and have prepped over 200 athletes for physique sports. I know what works and what doesn’t. I will use my coach and friend Bill Tocco as an example. The first thing I like about him is his health first approach. He won’t do anything dangerous or damaging to your health. His diets include all good, whole foods, healthy fats, and few supplements. Because I have a terrible appetite, I drink 2-3 shakes per day, but generally he is about FOOD!! He uses a pretty low key approach. I like it because he made it work for me. 6 meals is hard for me to get down, so a coach saying 8 meals would probably be a poor fit for me. I like my coach because he fits my lifestyle and my own paradigm on how to eat healthy. Plus, getting me 4th at Masters Nationals endeared him to me even more. Haha. You can look him up at tell him Dave sent you!

Diet Coach: The Bad

Where do I start? There are so many people that fall into this category. There are big name coaches who make a load of money that fall into this category. Why? Because they don’t listen to their athletes. They have a one size fits all mentality. It’s all about their system. I get it, you have produced X number of champions, yada yada. Who gives a damn when your diet fails all but the elite. The elite also have 2 things most people don’t. 1) elite genetics 2) elite drug regimens. Yes I said drugs! I can throw anyone on a butt load of drugs and get good results. Who gives a damn about their health? They got in shape didn’t they? That is these guys calling card. Beware anyone who labels themselves a guru, the man, the champion builder and any other self aggrandizing back pat they can come up with. When you speak of yourself in the third person or by your nickname, you’re a douche bag in my book. When you see one of these guys, save your money and run quickly to a GOOD coach.


Diet Coach: The Ugly

Yes, there is a category worse than bad and that is UGLY!! How does one get to be in the ugly status? That would be by having zero experience or credibility and calling yourself a coach. I know one female competitor who was fat when she did her first show, hired a coach I know, and the next thing I see her on IG and Facebook being a diet coach. Seriously? You don’t know your arse from a hole in the ground but now you are somehow capable of writing diets? That would be akin to me getting plastic surgery and now I decide I am going to do surgery myself? You might want to understand how things work before you go messing other people up.  These people are the ones who leave a trail of carnage in their wake on the journey to likely becoming a bad coach. If you hire one of these people expect them to try and regurgitate a copy and paste diet from the internet or the diet they got from their coach. I can almost always recognize who the diet came from in 30 seconds. Oh I see you stole Mountain Dog’s diet, or Porters diet, or Starnes diet, etc. Absolutely disgusting to see this go on and the uninformed consumer gets a crap coach who makes money and gives no results.


Diet Coach: The Conclusion

If you have no money, go on a good forum like Mind and Muscle or Anabolic Minds. You can learn a ton about things nutritionally related and ask lots of questions. These are amazing resources to learn from. You just have to be wary who is giving you advice. Look at their status, how many posts they have, and just read several of their threads to get a feel for if they know what they are talking about. For very little money, you can purchase a well written diet on our site. We have a Mass Diet and a Cutting Diet for you to choose from. You can also buy the Cutting Workout and the Mass Workout. Both were written by myself and an MD. If you have some finances to use, you can probably find a beginner in this industry. They may be just as good as the best guy, just unknown. That is unlikely, but certainly not unheard of. If you can afford to drop $150 or more per month, you can get a very good coach. These people usually work with a lot of people, just not the high end pro athletes. The big money coaches charge big money due to the demand for their time. This doesn’t mean are good, just in high demand. They may just be marketing geniuses who are more style than substance. Hopefully this helps clear up what to look for in a diet coach.

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