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2-androstenoneIf you have been living under a rock, you may have missed the fact that “Delta 2″ has been in the news recently as the most recent doping scandal to rock professional sports.  Oddly enough, this prohormone has been around since roughly 2007 and it’s very odd that the anti-doping crowd hasn’t found this particular compound in the past.  Delta-2 has had a wild ride in sports nutrition but the results on this steroid were never all that amazing.  Still, it is a decent builder with a low side effect profile.  Understand though, that Delta-2 is illegal to sell and order according to the current anti-steroid law in the US, so buyer beware on this one!


In 2008 a small company by the name of Anabolic Xtreme released a compound called 3-AD. This contained the steroid Delta-2-Androstenol or “Delta-2” which is an elephant pheromone also found in humans and other mammals. (We think 2-AD would have been a much better name).   This pheromone is also an anabolic steroid and was the basis of the illegally methylated “Pheraplex” steroid once brought to you by Author L. Rea and his brand.   The difference between Pheraplex and Delta-2 is the 17aMethyl that is responsible for the liver toxic effects of oral steroids and the 17-Hydroxy to attach it.  Thus, Delta-2 is best used as an injectable with an ester attached or as an oral capsule with higher doses.


The recent controversy is that some athletes have been using Delta-2 on the underground to cheat in sports.  I supposed the anti-doping people were not aware that this steroid, available since 2008 is something that people can use to cheat!  Delta-2 is not a DHEA, so it is illegal to sell as a supplement but many were still supplying it on research chemical sites and also the grey market.  While Delta-2 is big news, it’s not easy to find.


Delta-2 likely won’t convert to estrogen and it probably won’t cause much in the way of hair loss, making it one of the safer steroids out there.  It has a good anabolic to androgenic ratio which means it is a good mass builder without many side effects.  There is no issue with liver toxicity on Delta-2 since it is not a 17a Methyl steroid, so orally it is fine to take with other supplements and pain killers.

Delta-2 is a good steroid to use since it has low side effects and a favorable anabolic profile.  It will probably disappear off the earth though, since it’s not good enough to risk selling as an illegal anabolic, so sadly this compound could never be evaluated to it’s fullest extent.

Due to all of the bad press, Delta-2 is probably harder to find than ever, but fortunately you aren’t missing all that much.   Prohormones like 1-Andro are just as strong as Delta-2 and are not illegal.  If you are involved in sports, understand that all hormones are not allowed, but for every day average people, prohormones can give you the boost you need in the gym with a good diet and proper exercise.

The doping people will always be 1-2 steps behind new anabolic steroids, but in this case they are about 300 steps behind.  It’s odd that someone resurrected this steroid from the grave, but it is interesting to see how far cheaters will go to get that competitive edge.  It’s time to give up cheating in sports since the message here is that you will get caught eventually.

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