DEA Investigation: Operation Raw Deal

DEA Investigation: Operation Raw Deal

The DEA Investigation: Operation Raw Deal made arrests and seizures in this operation which is worldwide. In contrast to Operation Gear Grinder in 2005 in which 8 major manufacturers in Mexico were raided and closed down, this was much less centralized. This goes all over the world from the United States, to China, to Europe. The investigation is bringing down “labs” that import raw materials from China into the USA where they are “brewed” in various levels of sanitary conditions into products that are sold all over the world through the internet. The DEA is looking into whether any high level athletes are caught up in this and will notify the leagues if they do come across any athletes who violated the law. This is the latest attempt to quell the influx of illegal steroids into the USA. Mind and Muscle will stay on top of this story as more details come out.

DEA Investigation: Operation Raw Deal, Time To Go Legit

With so many people getting themselves into trouble for what is essentially a pursuit that likely will never earn them a living, maybe now is the time for those recreational steroid users and local competitors to start using the best LEGAL options available to them. Mind and Muscle has a great line called Liquid Labs that fits this bill quite nicely. While they are not anabolic steroids, they are the closest legal alternative to anabolic steroids. Think of them as anabolic steroids minus health issues and legal snafu’s, when used responsibly. What is the better alternative, rolling the dice with your health and your freedom or just ordering legal products and going to bed sleeping soundly at night? It will be interesting to see what happens over the next months. What will be the fallout? I imagine we will hear more on this front and I will do my best to keep you all in the loop.

DEA Investigation: Operation Raw Deal, The Fallout

Every time the DEA does a large scale operation of this nature, the fallout is usually immediate. The fear among all the people who did illegal things rises, Then the sources everybody used dry up. People who were dealing and got caught deal with years of headaches and thousands of dollars spent trying to stay out of jail. The end users face higher prices, uncertain sources, and most likely a rise in “bunk” gear. In the end, it will disrupt things in the short term but in the long run, somebody will step into the fold. It will go back to business as usual as it has every other time. Why not make it easier on yourself and use the best products money can buy legally? Liquid Labs will get you the results you are looking for, unless you are hell bent on being 270 lbs of rock hard muscle. The choice is yours to make. In this climate, it seems like an easy decision.

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