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A Meathead Isn’t Always A Meathead

The David Reid RD Blog post addresses many issues. Todays issue is don’t be so darn quick to judge people before you know them. I can’t tell you how many times I have been told three things about myself by people who don’t know me personally. 1) I am arrogant! How did people ascertain this? Because I don’t always seem approachable? When I am working, I have tunnel vision for the most part. It doesn’t mean I have my nose in the air, it means I am working. It also would help people to know when I was a kid, I was very shy; so shy that I used to cry when people would talk to me. I am a confident guy, but people who know me know I am not arrogant. 2) I am mean! Again, it is probably related to the fact that I am 5’9″ and 250 lbs and I don’t walk around doing cart wheels. That doesn’t make me mean, it just makes me intimidating and may “not always seem joyful!” 3) He is dumb! This pisses me off more than of the other stuff.

Smarter Than I Look

I will pit my intelligence against 99% of people. I am not Albert Einstein, but I am way to the right of the Bell curve. I took the ACT hungover and didn’t prepare for it at all. I scored a 29. My counselor at high school said I was an under achiever GPA wise. My reply, “I never took a book home in 4 years of high school.” We wrote term papers in junior year that were a huge part of our English grade. Everybody prepared for months to write it. I read the book on a Friday, wrote the paper on Saturday, and paid my buddy Chris $20 to type it on Sunday. I got a 98% for basically doing what comes easy. My friend who sits on a local school board got a 95%. She asked  me what I got, I said “you’re gonna be mad.” I said “98%,” She replied “I hate that you don’t try!” I said “I will when it matters, in college.” I now have 3 degree’s and I got accepted into Medical School. I am secretly a closet nerd! Shhh! Don’t tell anyone.

She Was A Dirty Little Girl

My good friend Mike Morefield told me about this little Mexican girl he went to grade school with. The teacher was telling the American kids about how other countries kids were very poor and we should understand how good we have it. This little Mexican girl raised her hand and said “we are poor.” The teacher said “No you don’t understand and kept talking.” He delved more into the talk and again the little girl raised her hand and said “we are poor!” The teacher again ignored her remarks. Later that year, they found out the little girl was living in the woods with some people in a lean to. She was later adopted by one of the bus drivers. She came to school one day and nobody recognized her because she wasn’t Mexican; she was just really dirty and when she bathed, her skin was alabaster white.. She ended up moving away not long after that. The moral of that story is both kids and an educator were completely  fooled by who they saw in class everyday. Again, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. You might want to read a few pages before you decide whether it is a book worth reading.

The Abused Lady

Here is a story where I judged a woman in my gym. To be fair to myself, she has never been nice to me or my athletes, in fact, she has been downright rude. One day I was training some football players and they were using a 40 lb med ball doing alternate jump lunges. After 16 reps, they would drop the ball on the ground for the next kid to go. She yelled at the kids for dropping the ball! I own the ball so after another comment I said “why don’t you mind you own business, they aren’t bothering you.” She said “do they have to do that here.” Mind you, she was only stretching. I said “perhaps you may be more comfortable going int the aerobics room and stretch.” She again made a comment when one of the kids dropped the ball again and I just snapped. I said “mind your own business, it doesn’t matter to me if they drop it and I own the ball!” I then said “I don’t care if they drop it in the middle of f’ing Gratiot Ave . She gave me filthy looks from that day forward. I just started to rue the sight of her when our gym owner Big Mike said “she has an alcoholic husband who makes her miserable.” Although I feel that isn’t grounds to be like she is, I remember my beliefs and Jesus said “he who is without sin may cast the first stone.” Well, it means to stop judging. I am a guy who has screwed up many times in my life. I kind of steer clear of her, but I no longer carry a feeling of distaste about her. Sadly, I just feel sorry for her because she is such a miserable person. It must be awful to wake up everyday and hate your life.

The Larger Meaning

Not one of us is pure of heart, at least from a biblical viewpoint. I certainly am not. I have done many things wrong in my lifetime. I try very hard every single day to be a good person. I try to be giving and gentle person. It isn’t always easy but everyday I try to set a lofty standard to live up to. I don’t mind eating some crow and swallowing my pride to make someone else feel better through their day. It took a while, but I learned I don’t need to win at every single thing I do to be happy. I used to race from light to light so people couldn’t get past me. The old me would try to win a simple card game with my daughter. Not that I could beat her anyway because the little turd cheats all the time. God Bless her little heart. All this entire article means is, walk a mile in that other persons shoes before you neatly compartmentalize them in the “mean”, or “arrogant”, or “dumb!” One of my favorite poems was written by Scotland’s most famous poet Robbie Burns “O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us.
(O would some power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us.) In a nutshell, our self perception of who we think we are is often far different than how others perceive us.


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