David Reid

Appreciate What You Have

It’s funny how we can have so much good in our lives, yet desire to have something we don’t have. I am guilty of this as often as the next person. David Reid RD Blog post addresses many issues that I find compelling. This is how I feel about food sometiimes. When I prep for bodybuilding contests, I crave food I never eat anyway, just because I can’t have it. It’s weird, one year I craved Pecan Pie. I have no idea why because I haven’t had it before or since. There is a strange psychological mind set that you gain when you can’t have something. I literally wasn’t dreaming of beautiful women and Lamboghini’s, but Whoppers and Big Mac’s. I never eat these things so why in God’s green earth would I suddenly feel a huge need for it? I often think it’s the taboo, or the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Well, it really isn’t greener. In my scenario, I know my body looks and feels great, so why bother eating crappy food? Because my regimen says I can’t? I would rather look good then eat some junk for 5 minutes of satisfying my buddha belly! See, I have the body I want but the price for that body is eating well, limiting alcohol intake, and just exercising. To many people, that would be torture. They would rather complain about being fat than to forgo instant pleasure. Maybe they just don’t care about how they look, and that is cool. Just be true to yourself. The reality is, that person you’re jealous of, is paying penance for their choices as well.

One In Hand Is Better Than Two In The Bush

I see people who would rather trade in a perfectly good relationship to go after the hot, exciting, new person that they recently met. It probably isn’t about looks 90% of the time. It could be just an emotional breakdown in the relationship. When you have been with the same person for a long time, the excitement and endorphins wear off and the old spark kind of disappears. At that point, people need to work harder to make the other person feel loved. Most people go the opposite way, the assume that that situation is a constant in their life and they put in less effort. Some people just trudge through 40-50 years of that kind of marriage, while other flee at the first sign of boredom. No matter how smitten you may be with a person, there will always be troubles in any relationship. That is because human relationships are complex and extremely fragile. The wrong word spoken can devastate a person if they are vulnerable or sensitive at that time. Sure, many times a relationship runs it’s course, but more often than not, they fail from plain apathy. Or maybe it’s having children. Sometimes women feel like they are no longer sexy or desirable because they are looked at as mothers. Perhaps, this is where the husband needs to make her feel loved and desired. Perhaps the mother needs to remember that she has a husband who came before kids at one point and he should still come before the children. Just because you have children doesn’t mean you became a sexless taxi driver for short people! I will share my personal priority list from when I was married.

1.God 2. Wife 3. Child 4. My family and in-laws 5. My job 6. Working out.

My ex’s priorities as best as I could tell.

1.Child 2. Parents 3. Her company 4. Working out 5. Her real job 6. Me

We weren’t evenly yoked so that was doomed from the time my daughter was born. I may have prioritized things differently during the day, but after God, my wife and child were my priorities. The rest of it got fit in. God will always be number one or my life doesn’t work on any level. That doesn’t mean I don’t love them! I do with all my heart, but my life is less manageable without my faith.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

I hear people everyday saying I wish I had his money, his looks, his fame, etc. They say this blindly thinking how great it would be to be that other person. Be happy being you, for you really don’t know what that other person incurs daily. Being Warren Buffet rich seems great, but let’s look at it in another way. Warren Buffet can do what ever he wants at the drop of a dime. Think about it, he can literally go anywhere or buy anything without even considering it. That would mean he really had nothing to look forward to. No carrot dangling like that exotic vacation in Bora Bora that you need to save for years to go on. He could call his pilot and be there by nightfall on any given day. That sounds amazing to you and I, but after a while, it will lose it’s luster. I have trained wealthy people and they are no different than you and I. Sure, they may have financial security, but they have problems just like we do, except theirs come with larger price tags. Think about celebrities and how hard their lives can be. Sure, they are loved and adored by the public, but they have zero privacy. You get a DUI, nobody cares. They get a DUI and the paparrazi has them all over the news. Their lives are not their own anymore; they are a brand, a commodity.

Just Be Happy Being You

For better or worse, you are the culmination of all your decisions up to this point in your life. There is also the being in the right place at the right time factor. Unfortunately, you can do all the right things and be overlooked. That doesn’t mean that doing all the right things wont heavily tip the scale in your favor. As I see it, the ladder of success is climbed one rung at a time. My keys to what I consider a successful life.

  1. Pick a profession you have passion for. Don’t just choose something because it has a big salary. This is a recipe for disaster.
  2. Surround yourself with positive, driven people. Look at you 5 closest friends and you know where your life is heading.
  3. Work for what you want. Even if you never achieve wealth or fame, you will be further ahead in the game than 90% of people.
  4. Be kind. The world is a cruel and harsh place as it is. Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.
  5. Measure your value not in dollars and cents, but the impact you have on peoples lives around you

You may not be the richest, or the best looking, or the most popular person in the world, but those things don’t determine your value. In our shallow, vanity driven, social media laden society, you just need to focus on being a good person. The world needs far more of those than it does another billionaire.



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