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 David Reid RD: Humility Is A Lost Commodity

In the day and age of shameless self promotion, I find myself getting caught up in it’s sinister web. I never really had an electronic footprint before taking on this job at Mind and Muscle. Now, I have joined the multitudes and am promoting myself and the company I work for simultaneously. By starting David Reid RD Blog Post, I entered the fray. It is never something I really wanted to do, even though I knew it could help drive business when I was a trainer. I just resisted because I knew it was a dramatic change for me in how I acted and thought. Now I put up video’s and pictures of myself because I guess in this day and age, we are as much a brand as we are a person. I didn’t ask for this but if I am going to play any game, I will play it well. That doesn’t mean I have to become different, just portray myself differently.

Keeping True To Yourself

My biggest fear is allowing popularity or success to go to my head. I am a pretty down to earth guy and i am not overtly egocentric. Inside, I have a ton of self confidence in my ability to get things done from a mental and physical perspective. I love challenges and embrace them daily. I don’t run from it, rather I run to it. My personality is a bit swashbuckler; I fly in the face of conventional wisdom. I never really consider failure because I don’t think it will happen. Why? Because I am intelligent, resourceful, and mentally and physically tough. Everything is surmountable in this life. Mt. Everest was climbed by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay! Sir Roger Bannister broke the unbreakable 4 minute mile! The Wright Brothers flew! The one thing all these men had was an undying self belief. That is a very good thing. The bad thing about self belief is when it goes to your head and you mentally think you are better than other people. You’re not, you’re just cut from a different cloth than others. It’s the drive that made Michael Jordan shoot shot after shot after being cut from his team to become the greatest player ever. Unfortunately, along the way MJ overshadowed Michael and he became a not so nice guy. He forgot who he really was.

Arrogance Has No Place in This World

Just because you accomplish something makes you no different than anyone else. Being rich doesn’t make you better than anyone, it makes you fortunate. It’s not a license to treat other less fortunate as subordinates. If anything, you should be more gracious. How many times have you seen wealthy people have a bad attitude? Too often in my estimation. I see people with a “don’t you know who I am?” attitude. Or athletes with millions of dollars expecting comped meals and zero tipping the poor waitress. If anything, you should spread your good fortune. When it’s all said and done, none of your accolades as athletes or business people are going to go with you when you die. For that matter, neither is that money. All that will be left is some highlights and people reminiscing hopefully about what a great guy you were. Too often people have bad memories of these guys. Like A Rod walking by a bunch of little kids wanting his autograph, while Derek Jeter stopped and signed them all. That’s what people will remember! There was a time when you were that kid and imagine how that would have felt?

The Ronda Rousey Example

By now, many people have seen my video rant where I bashed Ronda for being classless. I have no personal bone to pick with her; it’s the ideology I don’t like. Sure, I get that acting like a villain sells fight tickets, but she takes it too far. She shows complete disrespect to her opponents and has disrespected great champions such as Georges St. Pierre. That is tearing others down to build yourself up. That is the wrong way to go. Holly Holm put her fist and her foot into Ronda’s face and hopefully beat the arrogance out of her. She showed a true lack of character by not doing a post fight interview. People defend her and say she was “forced” to go to the hospital! I call BS. I saw Robbie Lawler with his lip hanging half off do an interview before going to the hospital. She ducked out because she talked trash and didn’t back it up. The bully got her ass kicked and like most bullies, she tucked her tail and ran; hiding behind excuses. Why do I relish her getting beat? Not because I hate Ronda Rousey, but because I hate the prima donna attitude she carries around. Hopefully, she will realize next time to keep her mouth shut. Chalk one up for the underdogs, the quiet self believers. I will stand on their side any day.

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