David Reid RD Blog

“Don’t Avoid The Grind, Embrace It!”

The Grind: It’s An Attitude

David Reid RD Blog Post is a place for me to clear the clutter from my mind. Taking out the mental trash if you will. The grind is an attitude the can help you overcome all obstacles in life. The mentally tough know that the way to succeed more often then not is to grind through it. The grind doesn’t take talent, it takes intestinal fortitude. You do most of it mentally, so it takes strength between the ears. Weak minded people fold at the first sign of adversity. Why? Because they are mentally weak. Grinders just put their head down and put one foot in front of the other until they accomplish what they need. I remember reading somewhere that if your body will hold up, and you can endure the mental stress, anyone can climb Mt. Everest. Most of it isn’t highly technical climbing, it’s being able to endure the mental and physical and stress of thin air and soaking up the physical discomfort. I am sure it isn’t that simple, but the analogy always stood out for some reason. I have always help the attitude that all sports are 80% attitude and fortitude and 20% physical. No matter the obstacle, mental toughness can get you through it.

The Grind: The Action

Doing a bodybuilding contest is often a 20 week GRIND! That is just the pre-contest part. The real work is done 24/7/365. You carry your sport on your body literally everyday. So how you look in 2016 is often determined in 2015 after your last show. This year, I reverse dieted my way out of Masters Nationals on 7/17/2015. I weighed in at 234 I believe. The night of the show I had a crispy chicken wrap, tater tots and 3 mojitos. On the drive back from Pittsburgh, I had a King Size Peanut M&M and 3 of these crazy peanut butter muffins. The next morning I ate some S’mores Oreo’s and I had drinks on a boat in the afternoon. That night I had pizza. The next day I was back on my diet. Today on 11/16/2015 I weighed 252 pounds in the morning. So 17 weeks later, I weigh 18 pounds more with full 6 pack abs. I am probably 7 weeks from pre-contest dieting for my 2016 season. I have had a few cheat meals and a few glasses of wine, but mostly I have been grinding again. Why? Because that is who I am. I don’t have any interest in doing what others do. I want to be the best father, best worker, best friend, and best bodybuilder that I can be. The only way to do that is to apply sound principles over time. Inject all you do with passion, and do it to the fullest ability you have. That is what I define as the action of grinding.

The Grind: The Results

I had a mentor tell me that the difference between me now and 5 years from now will be the books I read and the people I meet. At the time, I wasn’t completely ready to hear that message. Look at your life and the direction it’s headed. It’s generally a result of who you spend time with. If your circle of friends are all drinker’s, chances are, you are too. My point is, if you don’t like the direction you are headed, change the circle of influence. Books are a huge source of enlightenment. Unfortunately, most people would rather flip on the idiot box(TV) and not read some good material. I have a hard time reading because I have ADD. But guess what I do? I grind out books because I have become a much more knowledgeable person as a result of reading. I also seek out mentors to expose me to different thinking. If your only measuring stick in life is the one you set, you are likely missing out on a lot. I am blessed to have had the parents I did because they gave me 3 things. 1) Intelligence 2) Physical ability 3) A do or die mindset. 2 are God given and the third is how I was raised combined with genetics. I will physically punish myself to achieve goals. I grind through pain, injuries, illness, and life circumstances because both my parents instilled work ethic and a no fear attitude in me. They knew the world was a tough place and the best way to get through it is to be able to grind.

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