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Are Manners A Thing Of The Past?

I ask myself everyday what the heck happened to manners? David Reid RD Blog Post gives me place to express my irritation. I seriously get so irritated by the lack of human decency and respect. It’s as though the entire world has become moronic at the same time. Screw decency, “I am important!” is almost the feeling you get from these people as they mindlessly bulldoze their way through life. If I hold one more door open and get some turd who walks by and can’t acknowledge that I held the door open for them, my head may explode. Listen, I don’t need an atta boy for having manners. My parents raised me right so perhaps an affront like this offends my sensibilities. How difficult is it to say “thank you?” What blows my mind is that it is either pure arrogance or pure self absorbed behavior. They seem similar, but in reality, they are totally different. In the case of arrogance they just don’t acknowledge you because they feel they are better than you and you should hold a door open for them. In the case of being self absorbed, you are so within yourself and likely your cell phone that you fail to recognize that an entire world is going on around you and your shortsighted self.  Either way, they are both poor excuses as a chosen behavior. I feel that manners are considered a thing of the past in many minds. My mind hates this so I will be a divining rod for change. I will champion manners even if I look like a fool doing so.

Equality And It’s Part In This

I have never for a second thought that women were lesser than myself. Sure there are differences and that isn’t a bad thing. Women have different strengths than men and that’s a very good thing because on the whole, we are meant to compliment each other. Somewhere along the line, it seem’s that a gender war has started and that kind of sucks. I get that women were held back in the work force and men dominated those field so they had to fight to get respect and pay equity. That is a battle still raging in the good ole boy networks of many companies. I understand the need to fight for your rights. What I don’t get is that it has over flowed into other areas such as social interactions. Nobody should ever be offended that someone shows them the respect of doing a kind act or gesture for them. I was taught by my father to be a gentleman. To open and close car doors (most of the time). To pull out a woman’s seat, to help her get her jacket on. I don’t do it because I don’t think women are incapable of doing these things themselves; I do it because I want them to know I feel they deserve my A game manner wise. If it was someone who I was dating, I would want her to know she gets the best of me all the time. So in a nutshell, I feel like a dinosaur when it comes to manners; I am an increasingly rare person who cares about the topic.

Driving, Cellphones and Rage

Seriously, these two things alone could get my blood boiling. Lets cover some driving topics. If I let you out into traffic, it would be proper to acknowledge that act of kindness. If you are driving and see that traffic is merging due to a lane closure, get over well ahead please. Don’t drive up the lane until the end and then bottle neck traffic. I have taken it upon myself recently to just sit out in that lane and force people to get over. I had a guy sit behind me flicking his lights into my eyes in his Benz. Guess what, I don’t care; you wont be getting by today. My feeling is that you are the one being rude, not me. Your time is no more important than is mine. When it comes to cellphones, I have a love/hate relationship with them. Cellphones have gotten out of hand. People have almost walked into me I can’t tell you how many times walking at the mall. They have their head down and not a care in the world like everyone should move out of their path. I have half a mind to just keep walking and blow the person up when they run into 5’9″ and 245 lbs of muscle. But I don’t! Why? Because I am polite to a fault. My biggest pet peeve is some classless ass who check out at a store while carrying on a conversation on their phone. I hate to break it to you, but you need to hang up that oh so important call and resume it after checkout you dink.

Can Manners Be Saved

I will go to the grave trying to champion proper manners. I will never give in to the poorly mannered tendency of today. If I have to be the agent of change, I will rally like minded people to do the same. The world is a better place when people use common courtesy. One chair at a time, one door at a time, and one day at a time, I will do my best to bring about the good manners revolution. I refuse to allow the many who prefer to ignore common courtesy and I will continue to make people uncomfortable by doing the acts of kindness my parents taught me when I was a kid. So if you see me out, expect the door to be held open for you. I will continue to be polite to everyone, even the mindless, self absorbed zombies looking down at their cellphones as though nothing else exists in their fish bowl world. Okay, perhaps that is the end of my literary rant. I feel better for having expressed this.

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