David Reid RD Blog Post #6

Do What You Say! Following Through!

How many times to you feel the sting of disappointment as someone has told you they would do something only to fail to follow through? Following through is a lost art these days.I can recall so many times this has happened that I have gotten to the point where I just don’t ask people so I can’t be disappointed. Recently, I moved all of my belongings from one home to another with zero help. I moved dressers, beds, everything alone. Why? Because I have become conditioned to the fact that 99% of the time, people will either put up some BS excuse, or just not show up at all. Over the years I have had many who call me “their friend”, yet have denied my requests for help pretty much every time I ask. I get it, you’re so busy! Your Grandma died for the 15th time in the past 5 years! These things tend to make me feel bitterness toward those individuals as I generally know when they are lying. My solution? Just don’t ask for help, therefore you will never suffer disappointment. It kind of sucks that I have to approach things this way, but I would rather not be angry with people. On the other hand, I will go to the ends of the earth to follow through on what I committed to. Not because I am a better person, but because I am just a guy who hates to break his word. If I say I will come help you move at 9 am on Saturday, I will be there at 8:45 ready to roll. My clients always feared the worst if I wasn’t there. They thought something was catastrophic if I missed a session. If my alarm didn’t go off as happens from time to time, I would literally cuss at the water to heat up so I could go. Again not because I am better, it’s just how my brain is wired.

Lesson 1: The Day Off

Years ago, a bunch of my high school friends worked for my friend Johnny’s family business. We were all on the floor selling all the time. One day, on my day off, my buddy Tony(not real name)was working and called me and asked if I could help his sister as her car had broken down. I said sure, hopped in my car and drove to where she was at. I looked at her car and knew it was the water pump. We called a tow truck and had it dropped on their driveway. We drove to the auto parts store where I bought all the parts to replace her water pump. Mind you, this was in the mid 1980’s, so it would have cost $200-250 to have it done in a shop. I spent my day off fixing his sisters car. I did it because I liked his sister, I didn’t charge her a dime because she was sweet. So 6 months later, my car was in the shop getting brakes done or something like that.  Tony and I were working together and I asked him if he could drive me to the shop after work so I could pick up my car. It was literally 20 mins out of his way but he pitched the biggest bitch the whole way to the shop. I was literally seething inside, wanting to say “what about when I spent my day off helping you sister you selfish prick!” I instead said nothing, but I realized that he was just a selfish person and didn’t really know the difference or it didn’t occur to him. Instead, I just memory banked it as a lesson learned.

Lesson 2: The Commitment To Women

In a prior blog, I talked about how my Nana always said, “keep your hands in your pocket and your pecker in your pants and you’ll have no problems!” I stayed away from having a girlfriend in high school because I was embarrassed by my parents drinking. I couldn’t get close enough to anyone to let them see my dark family secrets. Sure, I had flirtations, but had zero commitments. When I got to college, I had a girlfriend for 4 years out of 5 I went to Ferris State. She was very sweet and I really had a lot of love for her. When I was in my 5th year, she had already graduated and was working an hour away. That year, I had 6 classes to graduate. My schedule was fairly easy so I messed around drinking and carrying on with my buddies a lot that year. I was presented on numerous occasions to cheat on my girl. Nobody would have known the difference, except me. I turned all that down because I felt like doing that was unfair to the girl who wanted me, unfair to my girl, and really, unfair to me as well. The girl and I could have slept together, but my heart was with my girl. So the next day, I would have run away from the girl to get back with my girl. She would be hurt. If my girl knew, she would be hurt. Then there was me. I would have to tote all that guilt around with me. When you lay it out logically, it makes zero sense to cheat. Sure, the physical pleasure for an hour would have been great, but the fall out had the potential to damage 3 lives. No thanks to that. I have always lived to my commitments until that relationship was over. I have pretty much left every single relationship because when it doesn’t work, it’s time to leave.

Lesson 3: The Commitment To Excellence

When you do something, why do it half-assed? Why not do it to the best of your ability? Too many people utter the words “that’s good enough.” Those words should never be spoken. Sure, when a job is done, you stop. You stop because nothing else you can do can make the project better, at least by your own rules. Sure, your boss may see it different, but that’s because he is viewing the issue through his eyes, by his paradigm. It doesn’t mean he is wrong, it means you have done the job to the fullest you could when you set goals from the outset. Some people set a higher bar than others, but so long as you set honest goals and work toward achieving them, you’re good in my book. It isn’t making massive leaps in progress, it’s a constant progression of even the smallest step. The Japanese have a theory in business called Kaizen. It’s incremental improvement in processes and efficiency that lead to great progress in the quality and speed in which things happen. It makes little sense to say my current sales are $25,000 per month. next month, I plan on doing $2,000,000. If you can first get to $30,000, then $35,000, you will get there eventually given the Kaizen or constant progress and re-evaluation. Start setting small goals today and strive for excellence in all that you do.

Take Home Message

When I started David Reid RD Blog Post, I had no idea what I was going to write about. I am a free writer and I spew out what pop’s into my head or is stuck in my craw. I love expressing differing views on things so I can get responses and learn from those. I am like a piece of mercury, I flow and move often, shifting my paradigms on most things in my life except my core values; those never change. I like being malleable because to be rigid is to miss out on many opportunities. I love learning, and that is only done by being able to see things from another’s perspective. I strongly dislike people who speak in absolutes and have an attitude of being right all the time. Two people can be correct about the same situation, based on radically different perceptions. I prefer to keep an open mind on everything except my core values which I hold on to tightly. My number one thought in life is “DO WHAT YOU SAY!” Following through sets you into the top 10% of this world. Imagine, just doing what you say and you are already achieving more than 90% of all people. Try today to follow through on all that you promised and had planned. I guarantee it will make a huge difference.

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