Dateline Video On The Supplement Industry - Mind And Muscle

Once Again, A Media Hatchet Job!

I love the mainstream media in the United States. I was seething after watching the Dateline video on the supplement industry. These people are so unscrupulous when it comes to their reporting. How many times have they done a story where it is so apparent that they have an agenda to fulfill. This piece is almost like a personal vendetta the way it is so slanted. In this documentary, it was as if the reporter Gillian Findlay had a personal grudge against the supplement industry. I can appreciate sound reporting, but to paint an entire industry under one brush stroke is a bit shortsighted. The same could be said for the entire pharmaceutical industry. I laugh because in this documentary, there were 70 reported cases of liver injury reportedly due to the supplement OxyElite Pro. Oddly, north of 50,000 people every year have liver injury due to prescription drugs. I don’t see Gillian Findlay lining up to grill Big Pharma! There are over 7,000 deaths every year attributed to the use of aspirin and Cox-2 inhibitors like Naproxen and Motrin.

Why The Mistreatment?

I always look at what agenda one might have when they attack or try to vilify something. If you look long enough or dig deep enough, you can usually find that there is an agenda that someone has who started the movement. Sadly, in the USA in particular, this is often the case. There has been a track record of Big Pharma and the medical community going after the supplement industry for years. At first, they laughed and said everything that people took didn’t work. I have even heard some doctors say “save your money, all you’re doing is making expensive urine.” That has been debunked and so now they attack the morals of the industry. They want to attack the credibility of the whole industry by taking the unsavory actions of a few and using it to make a blanket statement about an entire industry. Like any industry, there are the few that make it hard for the many by taking shortcuts in the name profit. We as an industry like to police ourselves on the whole with some government oversight. Recently, lawsuits were brought forward by a few companies in our industry against other companies to make them stop selling a drug the marketed as a supplement. We don’t need more government in out lives, in fact. we need less.

Supplement Industry and Studies

People want to hold supplement companies to the same standards that Big Pharma endures. The problem is, most supplement companies barely make it financially and could never afford to fund a trial. That leaves us with a hell of a lot of anecdotal evidence to support the efficacy of the different products. I get it, some people scam and put fake or different stuff in the bottles in the name of profit. Well, Big Pharma has done worse things than this. They have covered up medications that they know kill people for the very same profits. 6 Drugs That Risks Were Buried For Profit. Yet again, I don’t see Dateline lining up to crucify them for far more nefarious acts than they are scrutinizing the supplement industry over. The problem with any industry that is for profit is that  the companies job is to maximize the profit, not the products. Working for a supplement company can be tough. We sell great products that many people buy. We have been in business over a decade and still going strong. Do we have disgruntled, yes. Are there a lot of them. No. Most companies that have been around for 10 plus years are here because they make good products that people see results using.

Why I hate The Mainstream Media

Most of your media these days is found on the internet or on TV. Lets face it, Americans want their news spoon fed. They are too lazy to read on the whole, so they watch TV. What pays for TV? Advertising correct? So the people that are buying these ads are generally companies that are advertising. Many of these are bought up by Big Pharma so that ultimately  is what is paying the reporters salary. No advertising dollars, no network. No network, no job for the  reporter. No reporter, no report on TV. So the corporations with big money ultimately buy all the air time they want while little supplements companies can’t afford one second on TV advertisement. In both industries there are good and bad. I just don’t like biased media reports. That’s really unfair and certainly suits the mainstream media’s need for sensationalism to sell advertising.

Link To Documentary

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