Dangers Of Steroids vs. Prohormones - Heavy Metals - Mind And Muscle

Steroids SkullSteroids are illegal but still available at many gyms sell underground vials that have little to no quality control and come from dubious sources.   There are many risks to using underground steroids that most people don’t think about before they try them.

Many guys think that prohormones can’t give you similar effects to anabolic steroids because they are not anabolic steroids until the body converts them, but studies reveal that the right prohormones can achieve effects similar to illegal anabolic steroids with proper diet and exercise.

  1. Steroids are illegal and possession carries some stiff fines and jail time
  2. Steroids are made by unregulated facilities and there is no guarantee that what is on the label is in in the bottle
  3. Oral steroids cause liver stress and injectables require needles that are hard to get and may be painful

Prohormones on the other hand are not active at the androgen receptor like anabolic steroids, but they can convert into the very same steroids that you would inject from an underground lab.  While you can’t get to crazy dose levels with prohormones, you can get to levels that make a significant impact on your body!

  1. Prohormones are legal to carry and are legal in most organizations (except regulated sports)
  2. Prohormones are made in GMP facilities which are regulated by the FDA to prevent toxicity
  3. Prohormones have much less impact on the liver and organs that oral steroids


To underscore that steroids are made without testing and without quality control it was just reported that a young man died using injectable steroids that contained unreasonable levels of arsenic.   Arsenic is a heavy metal that is found in chemical processing.  Typically most steroids are made in China which has an unreasonably high level of arsenic, lead and other dangerous heavy metals.

Anything from China has the chance of picking up heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury.  Underground steroid labs don’t do testing for toxic levels of heavy metals.  GMP facilities that make prohormones do test for heavy metals and reject batches that are above the safe limits for these chemicals.

A 35 year old bodybuilder died from heavy metal poisoning from arsenic.  This came from a clear bottle of fluid that he was injecting.  According to ergo-log.com

“The doctors tried to get the arsenic out of the bodybuilder’s body, but the heavy metal had already caused too much damage. He died two weeks after being admitted to hospital.

The man’s dwelling was searched but no source of arsenic poisoning was found. Analysis done in the hospital lab was more successful: the man had had two small bottles of injectable fluid with him and tests revealed arsenic in one of them. What the product was the doctors didn’t find out: there was no label on the vial.

Tests to determine active ingredients in the bottle didn’t reveal anything either.  No active compounds were detected.

This story highlights everything that is wrong with using illegal anabolic steroids.

  1. There is clearly no quality control because the vial did not even contain any anabolic steroids in it
  2. The vial contained deadly levels of arsenic
  3. There is no way to even know where the vial was made or where the man got it from

Prohormones may take longer to give you the desired effect but they do not have the same horrible chances to make you sick that anabolic steroids do.  Steroid stories cover everything from the wrong substances being put into the vials and pills to being a total scam to ones like this where the quality control and safety issues lead to sickness or even death.   The message here is that we need to support legal prohormones and stay away from anabolic steroids at all costs.



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