Herbal Ergogenics: Dandelion Root

Woman Lifting WeightDandelion (Taraxacum officinale) has been used in traditional medicine for a variety of purposes, and different parts of the plant are also eaten as food. The roots and leaves of dandelion have been used to detoxify the liver and kidneys and as a diuretic (increases the elimination of water from the body). Dandelion sap has also been used for a variety of skin conditions including to remove warts and to soothe sores and blisters.

Dandelion root has been shown to have diuretic properties, increasing the elimination of water from the body. This diuretic effect assists in detoxification of the kidneys and helps eliminate excess water retention. This effect is immediate, as dandelion root was shown to increase water elimination in humans within one day. Dandelion root may also aid in liver detoxification, positively effect lipid profiles, and act as an anti-inflammatory.

Dandelion root is included in many detoxification and water loss supplements. Dandelion root may also be taken alone in capsules, powder, or as a tea. The leaves may be eaten raw as a component of a meal to obtain the benefits of dandelion.


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