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The Daily Grind

I always hear people complaining about “Having to face the daily grind!” You hear all kinds of negative sayings like “life sucks and then you die.” Personally, I cannot stand all the negativity. The daily grind should be a lifestyle, a way of life. The daily grind should be embracing all the moments of life to make an amazing existence. This is all about embracing the positive and repelling all the negativity. The daily grind is about obliterating obstacles and living life full tilt, on your own terms. You are captain of your ship, and you set sail to the destination of your choice. Embrace your daily gring.

Get After It

This just means wake up every day and live with a sense of purpose. That means actually participating fully in what you do, what you believe. That doesn’t mean going through the motions. Time is truly the only commodity that we should never waste. It is a finite resource, so use it wisely.

Reach For The Stars

Why set your bar low and go after the low hanging fruit. There is a sense of accomplishment that is unparalleled. People need goals to always strive for or we die inside, out light goes out. Dream big and set goals big.

Inspire Others

Don’t treat life as though you’re the only that matters. If you have been fortunate enough to have been successful, give a hand up to others. Everyday, I feel a sense of pride when I know I have affected the path of even one person. It makes it all worth while. If you get after it and dream bug, people will be inspired by you.

Never Give Up

When you give up on things, a part of you dies inside. There is always a chance, there is always a way. You just need to hang in the fight long enough to find it. Fight until there is nothing left. We don’t win all battles, but you should always live like a warrior, fight fiercely, and never give up!

Don’t Compromise Your Dreams

Life is too often about tempering your dreams with the reality that others would like you to face. I have heard it my whole life. “Get a real job!” or “what is that body doing for you?” or “you can’t make money training people.” I always answered with; I have a real job and I happen to be damn good at it. I used my mind and my body to create a package that was marketable for what I wanted to do, training! I made much more money than many of my friends with “real jobs” and I did it on my own terms.


Its totally up to you whether you embrace the daily grind, to humble it, to grind down all obstacles. Nobody will do it for you, this journey is won in the heart and the mind.


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