Cycles 101 Part 3

Disclaimer: I am not giving a comprehensive how to guide or a full description of anything. There are entire textbooks on this, none any medical doctor has read though. Don’t break the law, don’t do drugs.  The purpose of this is to get people to use safe legal alternatives to Illegal home made steroids.


Synthetic Prohormone


Continued from part 2!

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The Cycles:

A pro hormone cycle should be based on effective AAS cycles.  Here are a few examples, and what you can do to legally and safely to simulate them.



Deca and/or EQ

Dbol or Anadrol

This uses deca as the primary anabolic agent.  It does drastically suppress Testosterone and thats why testosterone is necessary in the cycle, to maintain sexual function.  You can use EQ but I don’t advise it, it is just less effective and more readily converts to estrogen.  Neither DBol or Anadrol are very good for you. Most of the gains are just water bloat, they are used at the begining of the cycle to start it until the deca (Or EQ) kicks in.  If your using prohormones you don’t need the Methylated orals to start the cycle since you have immediate activation with oral or sublingual prohormones.  19 Nor – Andro is a legal replacement for Deca,  1,4 OHP is a legal replacement for EQ, and 4 – Andro is a legal replacement for Testosterone.  Additionally the 6 -keto hormone will help your body convert more of your excess calories to muscle while bulking. For the best bulking cycle thats reasonably safe when used as directed and legal click here.


Testosterone or EQ



Winstrol or Anavar

During a cutting cycle short esters are used, the broscience belief is this minimizes water bloat.  Because of this the orals are not used on the front end to add a kick start like the orals are on a bulking cycle, they are just redundant with masteron, and in theory aren’t needed.  The real work horse of the cycle is the Trenbolone. It is 5 times as anabolic and 5 times as androgenetic as testosterone.  The anabolic effect builds lean muscle if you’re in a calorie surplus and it preserves muscle if you’re in a calorie deficit.  The androgen effect, like DHT, will inhibit the aromatase enzyme to prevent estrogen from being generated from testosterone.  Tren is a nandrolone and like Deca from the bulk cycle it suppresses testosterone. Unlike deca, it does not itself convert to estrogen. With its very high androgen effect prevents testosterone from converting over to estrogen. Like deca it binds to the progesterone receptor however and has some bloat and potential gyno effects.  Because of the Testosterone suppression a small amount of testosterone should be added to maintain sexual function.  The addition or a modified DHT like Anavar, winstrol, or Masteron can additionally dry out the bodybuilder before a show. They have marginal muscle building ability but nothing like trenbolone so in the end its irrelevant. Tren binds to the androgen receptor so strongly anyway that they’re not going to make a difference on the muscle, their main effect is their binding to the SHBG, Aromatase, Fat cells, and nervous system.  


For a Prohormone approach Trien is a prohormone version of Trenbolone, either 4 Andro for testosterone replacement or 1 Andro for a non aromatizing testosterone replacement.  Epiandro converts to DHT to replace Masteron, and 17OHP replaces Winstrol.  For a complete cutting Cycle, click here.


You now have a cursory understanding of cycles and the methodology of their construction. Additionally you have a way of substituting legal prohormones for the anabolic steroids that bodybuilders use to look their best.  

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

Cycles 101

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