Cycles 101 Part 2

Cycles 101 – Part 2

Disclaimer: I am not giving a comprehensive how to guide or a full description of anything. Don’t break the law, don’t do drugs.  The purpose of this is to get people to use safe legal alternatives to Illegal home made steroids.

continued from part 1


Bulking: To put on size you may want to go “Wet”. Wet means that the AAS/PH are aromatizable aka can be converted to estrogen.  Estrogen, like testosterone, can build muscle.  It also adds lots of water to your body so you get a good pump and have well lubricated joints. This can be an article in and of itself and actually is, Click here for more info.

Get lean with cutting prohormonesCutting: If you want to cut fat or add lean mass it’s a similar process.  Cutting is attempting to lose fat but not muscle, Lean Mass Building or LMB is trying to gain muscle but not any water or fat. The difference is this: if you’re eating less calories than you burn then your cutting, if you’re eating more your LMB.  This class is made of “Dry” PHs and AASs.  Dry means the compounds don’t aromatize and thus don’t convert to estrogen.  Some hormones like the super dry DHT will directly inhibit aromatase so less testosterone will turn to estrogen.  

These lists are by no means comprehensive, merely the most common compounds

Wet AAS:

Testosterone – Injectable

Nandralone (deca) – injectable

Boldonone (EQ) – injectable

Dianabol (D Bol) – 17 methylated oral boldanone

Oxymetholone (Anadrol, A-Bomb) –  17 methylated oral 2 modified DHT


Wet Pro hormones

H-DRL – converts to estrogen and testosterone

4 Andro – converts to testosterone

19 Norandrostendiol – converts to nandrolone

Dry AAS:

Dihydrotestosterone – DHT; 5 alpha reduced version of testosterone

1-Testosterone – 5 alpha reduced version of boldenone

Trenbolone (dry nandrolone) – injectable

Drostanolone (masteron) – injectable 2 modified DHT

Stanozolol (winstrol) – 17 methylated Oral 2 modified  DHT

Oxandrolone (anavar, Oxandrin) – 17 methylated Oral  2 modified DHT


Dry pro hormones

1-Andro – converts to 1 Test

Epi Andro – converts to DHT

17-OHP – converts to DHT through different pathway

Brief descriptions of the AAS and PH:

Testosterone – “Test is best”  is a very popular expression.  That is because it is the main male hormone and your body knows what to do with it. It can convert to estrogen which actually facilitates muscle growth although you look bloated and feel horrible with to much estrogen.  It also converts to DHT which can inhibit test converting to estrogen.  Most of testosterone’s side effects are downstream effects from its conversion to estrogen and DHT. The main value of keeping this in your cycle is it maintains sex drive and sexual function and it builds muscle very well. The prohormone 4-Andro converts to testosterone.


Estrogen – This does build muscle and it does raise your HDL and thus protect your cardiovascular system.  the down sides however are extensive. It causes fat gain, natural testosterone shut down and bloating which leads to increased blood pressure.  Worst of all is gynecomastia; the growth of breasts in men.  


DHT: DHT is the 5 alpha reduced form of testosterone. It is the main androgenizing hormone.  in a way, testosterone is a prohormone of DHT. DHT binds much stronger to the androgen receptor than testosterone, it increases strength, aggression, it directly burns fat, and is involved in sexual function. The downsides are it causes hair loss in those genetically predisposed, causes acne, decreases HDL, increases blood pressure. Worst of all, It doesn’t build muscle, not without modification at the 2’ carbon.  Drugs like Anadrol, Masteron, Anavar, Winstrol are all modified DHT and are interchangeable with a few caveats.  


Nandrolone: Nandrolone binds better than Testosterone but not as well as DHT to the androgen receptor. It is also more anabolic than testosterone. It marginally converts to estrogen and does not convert to DHT, making this a seemingly perfect anabolic agent. the biggest drawbacks is massive suppression of natural testosterone and its minor binding to the progesterone receptor. this causes a bloating effect.


Boldonone: On paper its a phenominal AAS.  It only converts to estrogen half as much as testosterone and it doesn’t convert to DHT.  In real life however its fails to produce equal results with other compounds.

Continued on part 3!


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