Cycles 101 Part 1


Synthetic Prohormone

Cycles 101 

Disclaimer: I am not giving a comprehensive how to guide or a full description of anything. Don’t break the law, don’t do drugs.  The purpose of this is to get people to use safe legal alternatives to Illegal home made steroids.

One of the most complicated parts of Pharmacology, the study of drugs, is what happens when you take more than one drug.  The medical and scientific community calls this “Polypharmacy” and it is typically toxic.  Why you ask? When you see a specialist for a specific problem he is trained to give you a pill for that problem. That’s because the Pharmaceutical companies pay for the medical student’s education and have a hand in the curriculum. Rather than give you a diet, or tell you to switch from standard table salt to sea salt your prescribed a blood pressure medication. As if you have high blood pressure because of a pill deficiency.  If you see 5 specialists for different things you get 5 different pills. Some of these pills may alter how each other work, can have the same side effect, or have canceling out effects on each other.  

I am telling you this because with Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) and Prohormones(PH)  it is no different. All to often I have a bodybuilder or power lifter telling me his cycle, bro science term for AAS/PH polypharmacy cocktail, and it is not that good. They often have sexual dysfunction, acne, hair loss, low sex drive, anger, gyno, high blood pressure, or any number of other problems.  As a medical doctor who did quite well in pharmacology, and who has a separate degree in biochemistry, I get this stuff better than your average physician or bodybuilding coach.


The Best Approach To Explain Cycle Is By Categories And Goals


Women are safe using Anavar in low doses, it has about 8 hour functional window so 2 doses of 2.5-10 mg per day is considered OK and will probably not have side effects.  Women could experience deepening voice, clitoral enlargement, hair loss, and other masculinizing effects. Truth is that if you’re only taking 5-10 mg a day then the worst that’s probably going to happen is you get to hard, or muscular. Often women come to me about this drug and the real problem is they could be training either harder or smarter.  If your final goal is a feminine ideal then you don’t need it.  

An over the counter aromatase inhibitor may be all you need for cutting, and if you did want to bulk and were comfortable with gaining water and fat along with muscle and were ready to take the risks of minor masculinization then the safest PH would be 5-Andro.  Holistic doctors prescribe this like candy and you can get it over the counter at grocery stores by other names.  Chances are you would not have any side effects if you took the recommended dose.  An even safer approach which the “Authorities” don’t know about is 1-Andro.  It is more anabolic, and it dosn’t convert to estrogen or DHT.   You should be able to use less and get more of an effect with less masculinizing effects.


Before age 22: You really don’t need the stuff. Your body should be making enough to get results without adding additional male hormones.

After age 22: You may need the stuff, depends if your natural testosterone is high enough, assuming you do not have enough natural testosterone or if your a professional athlete or competitive bodybuilder here is the most common approach.

Continued in part 2!


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