Cutting Prohormones - Everything you need to know

Get lean with cutting prohormonesPeople often want to know what is the best prohormone for a certain goal.  One of the biggest goals is to cut fat while maintaining muscle and this article will outline the best prohormones on the market for doing just that and why each hormone has its advantages.


First off, there is no supplement that is going to make a difference without a good diet and exercise program.  Cutting requires you be in a calorie deficit yet still maintain a good amount of protein to be able to build (or at least not lose) muscle during your cut.   Your exercise program should be geared to higher rep and less weight compared to a bulking program.  If you need more information on a good diet plan and exercise program, you can check out these articles.  While we won’t detail an exact meal plan or exercise program (you can thank the lawyers for that one), these articles will give you some good ideas.

Workout For Your Body Type

Foods For Bodybuilders 


At Mind and Muscle we only sell natural andro prohormones and there are definite differences between the grey market chemically altered steroids on the market and our natural andro prohormones.  We put each manufacturer through a 6 point quality check to ensure that you are only getting legal prohormones that are legal with the FDA and DEA.  Unfortunately, some people may be being illegal grey market or black market steroids online and fail a drug test with no recourse.  Grey market steroids are bad for you and require liver protectants and may do serious cardiovascular damage.  Legal andro prohormones are reasonably safe when used by men over 21 and don’t show any of the serious toxicity of the chemically altered ones.


If you want to use a cutting prohormone or a cutting stack (called a cycle) here are the things you will need to know.

  • Use hormones that don’t convert to estrogen at all – estrogen is useful for bulking but on a cut you want no part of it!
  • You don’t need cycle support – natural andro prohormones don’t require liver protection.  If you are prone to hairloss then maybe use a product like SUPERCYCLE from AMS, but it’s not necessary
  • Not all prohormones work the same for each person – this is why you stack, but you may have to try a couple of prohormones before you find the one that works best for you
  • You can stack two or more prohormones together for an additive effect  1+1=3
  • For Post Cycle Therapy you should have a supplement with an aromatase inhibitor like 3,5-diene-7,17-dione and some testosterone boosting herbs like ginger, stinging nettle or others

Here are the top compounds on the market for cutting.  Make no mistake, these are real prohormones and they are best used for men over 21 ONLY!

  1. Epiandrosterone – this is a precursor to DHT that helps cut fat and increase aggression in the gym while making you horny as hell
  2. 1-Androsterone – this adds more strength than Epiandrosterone but isn’t as likely to have hair loss and it will also put more mass on you
  3. 17a-hydroxy-5a-pregnane-3,20-dione – this is very similar to epiandro in cutting effects but does not have any aggression or sexual effects
  4. 11-keto-androstenedione (11-OXO) – this is a mildly androgenic prohormone that is also a good cortisol inhibitor, thus it will help you cut without being hard on the hair.

That’s it for cutting compounds.  I picked only the most conservative compounds that won’t bloat you at all, so the list is rather short, but it’s a good solid list.  You can combine any of them to make a great cutting stack, but here are a couple cycles I like:

  1. EpiAndrosterone + 11-keto-androstenedione = this mix cuts cortisol and also increases DHT (which is good for burning fat).  It will make you strong as hell and give you good sexual stamina.  Take 4-6 doses of Epiandrosterone per day and 300-400mg of 11-OXO add in your PCT and perhaps some BCAA’s on cycle and you are all set.
  2. 1-Androsterone + 11-keto-androstenedione – good strength and mass gains while cutting cortisol.  Take 4-6 doses of 1-Androsterone per day and 300-400mg of 11-OXO per day with PCT and BCAA’s.
  3. 17a-hydroxy-5a-pregnane-3,20-dione + 11-keto-androstenedione – almost no side effects at all from my theories and a good combination of leaning out plus strength.  Same thing, add in PCT and BCAA’s.
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