Creatine - Mind And Muscle

Creatine helps. I always like to do my research on it first though… So, how does it work?

Creatine is used in the Phosphocreatine cycle, this is the first energy system that we use when exercising (or just moving). This energy system is used when exercising short term (e to 15 s) and high intensity such as weight lifting, sprinting, football or baseball. The phosphocreatine breaks up into creatine and one phosphate that is then free energy. The phosphate can bind to an ADP and create ATP. ATP is energy.

If you take creatine, you will gain weight…. This is why I didn’t use it at the first point. The reason you gain weight is that creatine is an osmotically active substance, it pulls water into your muscle cells which will help you with protein synthesis (good) but also make you gain weight. Think about it…. It’s water – water weight. So it’s not fat.

One other thing to consider before starting the supplementation is that your body naturally produces a certain amount of creatine. So, as in all supplements, if your body already produces enough you won’t get any advantage for it. Think of it like a 5 gallon bucket, if your body produces the essential amount, you adding more will just cause the bucket to spill over – you pee it out.

Last thing… Creatine will only help you if you actually increase the intensity of your workouts, or practices. I just started using WYKED 3.0, it contains creatine and is a pre workout and I feel like it’s helped me increase the weight I can lift.

I advise you to try it and then see whether or not you get an increase in intensity and whether or not you are okay with the weight gain (it’s water so no worries). Most preworkouts have creatine, so look at the one your using, you may have been consuming creatine already.

Go lift heavy!


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