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Mass and cutEveryone wants to know what is a crazy mass cutting stack for gaining big muscle as fast as possible.  Fortunately if you combine proper diet, exercise and supplements you can build that crazy blend of “secret sauce” to get you the results that you desire.


First off you need to have a diet that is going to support both MASS and CUTTING (not an easy task) but it’s pretty simple and I can give you the basics.  Sure, you can pay a ton for a special diet program but let me just give you the basics right here!

You need to take in a MINIMUM of 1g of protein per pound of body weight.  That means if you are 165lbs then you need to take in 165g of protein. This can be meat, shakes, chicken, eggs or whatever protein source you like.

Second, you need to take in an equal amount of carbs BUT here is the kicker, you don’t get to have ANY carbs after 2pm.  So, consume all of your carbs before 2pm and you can actually accomplish the goal of gaining mass while cutting.


You need to push yourself hard both with at least 30 minutes of cardio four times a week and then in the gym pushing the weights around.  Here’s a tip, if you aren’t sore you aren’t working out hard enough!  You need to be sore each and every time.  You can pick just about any workout program that hits all the major muscle groups but the key is to be sore each and every time you lift.  Only if you are damaging the muscle can you be sure to grow with each workout.


If you want to get crazy results and gain mass while cutting then you need to get on the right supplements.  Prohormones are at the top of the food chain when it comes to gaining size and strength.  You need to be over 21 but if you want crazy results, run out and get on a potent prohormone stack.   The MIND AND MUSCLE BASIC CUT STACK is perfect for men who want to get crazy results and gain mass while cutting.   This blends the most potent prohormones for cutting and yet gives you enough to gain mass at the same time.

Taking this prohormone stack will get you the 6 pack you desire if you match it with the proper diet and exercise program.  You can easily break records in the gym and look great while eating big and lifting hard.

Other supplements to take while on cycle are:

  • Protein – for getting in your full requirement
  • Creatine – for increasing strength and endurance
  • Preworkouts – for gaining focus and power before each workout 
  • BCAA – for increasing muscle during a workout

These will help you get big and cut up because they are important “basics” that every serious lifter should have on hand.  Other than your prohormone cycle, this will be all you need to get crazy mass and cut at the same time. 

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