Ancillaries: Clomid - Mind And Muscle

Body Builder PosingClomid is selective estrogen receptor modulator. This means that it binds to the estrogen receptors but selectively activates certain responses while not activating others. Clomid is used to maintain and/or restart testicular function during and after a steroid cycle1,2. Clomid seems to be much more effective than HCG; however, most people use clomid in too high a dose which can result in estrogenic stimulation. Clomid, if used at too high a dose and for too long, will actually shut down testicular production of testosterone because it will activate the estrogen receptor to a greater degree. A common dose of clomid is 100 mg per day in a single dose while 50 mg twice per day or even once per day usually works just as well with less chance of side effects. Some have even seen positive results with only 25 mg once or twice per day. Some have had success with a five day course of 100 mg while others prefer a longer course of treatment with 50 mg per day3. There is even some evidence that 50 mg every other day for three days per week for 8 weeks will raise testosterone and LH levels4. Clomiphene has been known to cause blurred vision, dizziness and headaches and is also toxic to the liver to a small degree.


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