Cinnamon Extract Reduces Blood Glucose and Improves Body Composition

guy sitting and curling.Cinnulin PF ® is a special extract of cinnamon that is used for its ability to aid in blood glucose disposal and therefore increase uptake of carbohydrates and other nutrients. This effect can be beneficial to anyone looking to gain muscle, lose fat, enhance athletic performance, or reduce blood glucose levels. A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition examined the effects of Cinnulin PF ® on individuals with prediabetes and metabolic syndrome to see if it had any effect on blood glucose levels or body composition, which would make Cinnulin PF ® a beneficial supplement to those struggling with obesity or high blood glucose levels.

22 participants were included in the study, all with prediabetes and metabolic syndrome. For 12 weeks the subjects took either 500 mg of Cinnulin PF ® or a placebo supplement. After 12 weeks of supplementation, the researchers measured changes in fasting blood glucose, body composition, and systolic blood pressure. They found that Cinnulin PF ® decreased both fasting blood glucose and systolic blood pressure, and also that those using Cinnulin PF ® gained more muscle and lost more body fat than those using the placebo supplement. The researchers concluded that the results “suggest that this naturally-occurring spice can reduce risk factors associated with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.”

These results are significant not only because Cinnulin PF may help those struggling with obesity and high blood glucose levels, but also because it may help healthy individuals improve their body composition. The results seen here demonstrate that Cinnulin PF ® does indeed aid in blood glucose disposal as advertised. Even on healthy individuals, using a supplement to aid in blood glucose disposal before carbohydrate rich meals can have a nutrient repartitioning effect, leading to less fat and more muscle gained as a result of the meal.



Ziegenfuss TN, Hofheins JE, Mendel RW, Landis J, & Anderson RA. (2006). Effects of a water-soluble cinnamon extract on body composition and features of the metabolic syndrome in pre-diabetic men and women. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 3, 45-53.

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