Christmas Dinner - Mind And Muscle

Okay, so last blog prior to Christmas. You want to eat a lot, family brings tons of food, tons of dessert. You will indulge. But, here is a few tips to actually getting the most out of all the extra food you will be eating the next days.

Workout hard prior: When working out, you utilize your glycogen that is stored in your muscles. You deplete the glycogen stores. If you workout BEFORE you eat a lot, you will be able to hopefully store most of the glucose (sugar) in your food to replenish these stores and build muscle.

Portion control: Eat all the kinds of food, try your grandmas sweet potato pie, your aunties casserole but don’t overload. Make one plate and don’t go get food 3 times.

Drink before you eat: When you fill your stomach with fluid before you eat you won’t overeat. A glass of water before eating has been shown to decreases caloric intake during the meal significantly.

Leave room for dessert: If you know you will be eating dessert, don’t eat until you are full at dinner and then eat even more after.

Healthy choices: Stay strong, there is healthy choices, white turkey meat, salad, green beans… Christmas dinner can be healthy as long as you make the healthier choice.

Stand up for yourself: What you put in your body is up to you, don’t let other people convince you into eating anything. They may be hurt if you don’t try their casserole or whatever but honestly, that won’t last.

I am currently on prep, so, no, I won’t be eating any of the delicious food but, who cares, Christmas happens once a year, the opportunity to win my show is a once in a lifetime opportunity.



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