Cheap Prohormone Cycles

Cheap Prohormone Cycles

With Christmas right around the corner its important to save some cash, But you can’t pass up the opportunity to grow! Likewise as soon as January 1st rolls around everyone is going to cut off the fat that they accumulated.

For these reasons I am listing the most inexpensive ways to bulk, then cut then run a PCT. Each of these cycles are 4-6 weeks and can be extended to 8, but I suggest 8 weeks bulk, 4 weeks cut, 4 weeks PCT, then coast for a month before starting the process over. Here we go!


For this you want wet prohormones because estrogen helps you grow! For more on that click here. These cycles are not for fat loss or strength, they are for filling your muscles with water and lubricating your joints so you can handle tons of volume with heavy weights without your body taking damage, and of course growing more muscle. Wet cycles are the healthiest and a lot of women prefer the puffy look to the hard chiseled look, so you’r not doomed to a super horny dry spell. When I think I look my worst at the height of an off season I get tons of compliments, just from different people than pre-contest.

Step One : Testosterone Base

4-Andro Is the test base for a cheap prohormone cycle

4-Andro Is the test base for a cheap prohormone cycle

4-Andro is the prohormone to testosterone it is not methylated and not toxic. It will have all the same POTENTIAL side effects of normal testosterone. These side effects come from estrogen and DHT. These are what testosterone turns into. Estrogen in addition to the muscle building properties also help with sex drive, cholesterol, joint,and bone health but cause water and fat gain. Intramuscular fat stretches the fascia, facilitating growth mechanically and by increasing hydraulic pressure in the fascia you can handle more weight and thus are technically stronger and will grow faster that way as well. It can cause breast growth called Gynecomastia but if DHT is in proper balance this shouldn’t be a problem. DHT causes aggression, instant strength, Sexual function and sensation/pleasure. This is the best cure for female sexual dysfunction, women orgasm super easy on winstrol or Anavar, both DHT derivatives. Of course, DHT is the main masculinizing hormone, so men may lose hair and get acne, women may become men over time. But Anavar is so popular because women can use 5-10 mg a day and suffer no side effects, just have crazy sex drive, orgasms, increase in fat loss and the plethora of other great things Anavar does. The closest legal thing to Anavar is Epi-1-Test.

Thus to maintain sexual function you have to have some testosterone estrogen and DHT, not a lot but some. For this reason every cycle MUST have either a test base (4 AD) or a natural booster like Natadrol or Rise and Swell. Since for growth “test is best” and this is a bulking phase you should use 4-Andro!

If you’re prone to gyno use either Natadrol or Rise and Swell instead. Rise and Swell is a natural test booster and sexual enhancer and Natadrol is 4 chinese herbs 2 for natural test boosting, 1 is a SARM, and the last strengthens your joints, your bones, is an adaptogen, and a cortisol blocker and a nutrient partitioner. For a more detailed description on Natadrol click here!

Step Two: Anabolic Prohormones

!-andro is critical to having a good cheap prohormone cycle because its purely anabolic, side effect free and legal!

1-andro is critical to having a good cheap prohormone cycle because its purely anabolic, side effect free and legal!

1-Andro is the king of prohormones. It converts to 1-testosterone and that has no side effects because it can’t convert to estrogen or DHT. In a university study it was found to have mood elevating effects, and that it is as strong as injectable testosterone enanthate on a mg for mg basis. It is the perfect side effect free prohormone, but you need either a test base (4-AD) or a natural booster (Rise and Swell) with it.

TRN is the best bang for your buck in a cheap prohormone cycle

TRN is the best bang for your buck in a cheap prohormone cycle

TRN – This is a combination of prohormones for Deca and Boldenone (EQ). This helps with joint health to protect your joints when you training with high load, high volume as we do in the offseason. Both are excellent mass builders and neither converts to DHT so there is no hair loss. If you run TRN you MUST have a test base and probably need a test booster like Natadrol or Rise and Swell. the reason is Deca is notorious for shutting down sex function as it turns into DHN not DHT and it cancels out the DHT function. And it is a major suppressor of natural test. AN AI is included to decrease the estrogen conversion of these two prohormones.

Lg Sciences 6 Mass

6-Mass – This is a 6-Keto pregnenolone which I believe has to do with cortisol regulation. If you’re not using Natadrol use this for nutrient partitioning as it will make more of the weight you gain turn to muscle than fat. I added the prototype to my cycle in december of 2012 and the result was after drinking a bottle over the course of 2 weeks I gained 3 lbs and lost an inch from my waist despite eating like shit. so I gained 6 lbs of muscle and lost 3 lbs of fat from this added to a full cycle.


There you have it, the most important things to get in order, if you can’t afford all of them then start at the top of the list and work your way down:

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Thats it! Use as much of this as you can afford for up to 8 weeks then cut off some of the fat you gained if there is any with the cycles below!

Cutting Prohormones

Just like you need a calorie surplus to bulk, you need a calorie deficit to cut. Click here for my basic diet article! Now that you have been bulking for 8 weeks your myostatin levels are high and you cannot gain mass, you might as well  cut off the fat for a few more weeks.

Step One: Testosterone base

Sound familiar? Its because you probably still need your dick to work or your wife or gf is GONE! So save yourself a divorce or a custody battle and keep your junk hard with Rise and Swell. You could use Natadrol, or even 4-Andro but the estrogen is your WORST ENEMY when you’re cutting. I can get away with 1000mg of 4-Andro and still get shredded, but some people are very wet individuals in the first place and DRY is the name of the cutting game, nothing should have estrogen. Estrogen can help you build muscle along with fat but you’r not building right now, you’re destroying, destroying fat! Since estrogen causes fat gain you DON’T WANT IT.

Step Two: Hardeners

Hardeners do not build muscle. Hardeners harden and densify your body. Hardeners are modified DHT molecules. They increase the size of the muscle by dragging water into the muscle cells by increasing the muscles absorption of amino acids and water. They decrease estrogen production so they indirectly cancel out the estrogen stopping the water under the skin effect estrogen has. And it burns fat directly at the fat cell and indirectly by stopping estrogen from filling the fat cell.

AMS Epi-1 Test

The best legal hardener is important for a cheap prohormone cycle

The best legal hardener is Epi-1-Test. It is a combination of 1-Andro and Epi-Andro. Epi-Andro converts to DHT and 1-Andro still converts to 1-Test (it hasn’t changed since the beginning of this article) so the combination of the two work like Anavar or Winstrol.

 $20 for several months supply? how can you not add the closest legal thing to T3 to your cheap prohormone cycle?

$20 for several months supply? how can you not add the closest legal thing to T3 to your cheap prohormone cycle?

T2 – Although not a prohormone its not illegal! its a special thyroid hormone molecule that doesn’t eat muscle like T3 in fact it will make your red fibers turn into white fibers so you can have the round muscle bellies like Phil Heath and Flex Wheeler. and of course it burns fat to ashes, this shit is WAY strong so never go over the minimum dose if you still have a thyroids. The maximum dose is for people who have no thyroid or who don’t care about burning theirs out. get it while supplies lasts.

Can't forget Growth Hormone for your cycle!

Can’t forget Growth Hormone for your cycle!

GHenerate – This is something you use before the gym and before bed and first thing in the morning. Assuming you don’t eat afterward it spikes your natural growth hormone production and it will help you preserve your muscle and build fat, then when your post workout carbs are eaten your Igf-1 levels will go up and again youll preserve muscle.

Order of importance

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Pre Workout

Wyked 2.1 Mind and Muscle

This is a great pump product,  burns fat, increases GH, and a perfect addition to a cheap prohormone cycle at only $24!

I invented Wyked 2.1 to be the best pre workout ever. It enhances GH release mid workout, IGF-1 receptor upregulation so the MGF thats released while training sparks muscle growth MID WORKOUT and of course I made it the BEST pump product on the market, with time released Nitric Oxide and a Nitric Oxide augmentor along with cell volumization. I works much better with Rise and Swell and T2 than any of those 3 alone. I did this intentionally, I wanted a mounting effect of fat burning and gh release throughout the day. There is no additional stims except for the 2 fat burning compounds; caffeine, yohimbine. I also have L-Carnitine for androgen receptor up regulation and beta alanine so you get 2 extra ATP per molecule of glucose assuming you’re working a glycolytic pathway. (Nerd talk for you get 1-2 more reps on your muscle building sets)

90% of people who have used all 3 scoops say this is the best pump ever.

Now if you want a cycle that is perfect without having to buy this stuff a la carte I have these basic stacks with the Post Cycle therapy included. The directions are intricate in the product descriptions so read carefully.


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside. The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only. All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise. Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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