Change - Mind And Muscle

I started training for a bikini competition in October 2015, a little over a year ago. About the same time I met my friend Anh. I remember asking her if she wants to do abs with me at the gym. Little did I know we would end up being best friends. Traveling to San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Miami….

I motivated her to start training as well. Soon, she made the decision that she wants to compete as well. We worked out together a lot, I remember calling her when I was on prep and feeling like I was dying, she showed up at my first show when I qualified nationally. We are swolemates, and, even though she is in Texas now, we still help each other to achieve our goals, career or fitness wise.

But, what I learned as well with my journey is: Anyone can change. I didn’t grow up with amazing genetics; neither did Anh… But, both of us, we put in work, stick to the plan.

If you want change – CHANGE! Sit down, look at what your current habits are, and change them to the better. I know how easy it can be to find excuses. I go to the gym some days and feel like I just want to leave again. But, how would that benefit me in any way?

What helps you to make changes, is the understanding on why you have the goals you got. When you want to cheat on a workout or on your diet, remember on why you started. And, when it comes down to it, surround yourself with people that will keep you dedicated to your plan.

Anh, I love you, I can’t wait to grow with you and I am forever grateful to have met you and to have you as my friend.



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