Cardio: The Worst Applied Element Of Fitness -Part 3

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As 4 time World Champion, Jay Cutler Knows to do intervals

As 4 time World Champion, Jay Cutler Knows to do intervals

The Best Way To Include Cardio

If your lifting hard enough with short (60 second) rest periods you don’t need cardio.  Your heart rate will be high enough from weights to improve your cardiovascular health.  

Men burn more calories per hour lifting than we do performing cardio. Yesterday I leg pressed 1,000 lbs for 8, dropped 200lbs to 800 lbs for 10, 600lbs for 12, 400 for 15, and 200 for 20.  34,000 lbs in 55 reps.

It was one set and took less than 4 minutes.  I burned about 340 calories in 4 minutes.  That is more calories burned than an hour of treadmilling it at a moderate pace.

 Most women can’t lift very much so they can burn more per unit time with cardio, but one piece of fruit usually cancels out their “workout”.  Most of the women I train are stronger than the men I don’t train at my gym however, thus they do burn more calories with weights than they do with cardio. These women are bikini competitors and not bulky or muscular.  The truth is you do not need cardio, you need to lift hard and correctly and have some muscle.


Cardio Ruins a Real Workout

 If you do cardio after weights it switches the direction from muscle building to fat burning however, canceling out your workout.  One study showed that the mTor pathway was still stimulated in upper body muscles despite lower body cardio. This indicates at a cellular level you COULD do cardio after upper body, but as usual the lab geeks lack common sense:  if you’re trying to build muscle you need to be in a calorie surplus after lifting, but if you’re doing cardio you’re burning calories.  Thus from a hormonal and second messenger perspective its sound but from a metabolic perspective its faulty.

If you were to do cardio first then assuming you’re in a carb free state you could burn fat and warm up at the same time.

HIIT: The Only Cardio That Is Worth Anything

If you could make cardio anabolic then it could be similar in value as weights.  We established earlier that ideal benefit of cardio would come from 80% heart rate and 29 minutes duration. Constant stimulation is aerobic however, and this trains the body to burn fat and fast twitch fibers for fuel, robbing you of muscle.

In order to be anaerobic exercise has to be intense and less than 60 seconds in duration. This keeps carbohydrates as a fuel source and does not use oxygen.  Interval training is timing your cardio like weights: you hit it as hard as you can for 30-60 seconds, just like a proper weight set, then you rest 60 seconds, the precise amount of time to elicit the greatest Growth Hormone release. Using Wyked 2.1 Pre-Workout will increase the amount of GH released. This tricks your body into thinking that you’re lifting while you’re doing cardio. This makes the cardio warm up before you hit the weights provide these amazing benefits:

*Builds cardiovascular strength and endurance

*Improves your metabolism

*Builds muscle, indirectly improving metabolism permanently

*Burns more fat per unit time, burns fat through improved metabolism, through EPOC, and through increased muscle mass

*Pumps you up before weights so you hit the weights with aggression and purpose

*Gives women a firmer butt

*Circulates your Wyked 2.1 through your bloodstream faster and more efficiently.

  If your bulking and can’t gain weight, including Intervals pre lifting will increase your metabolism and appetite so you can eat more and thus finally gain some weight. It also partitions the nutrition to muscle and not fat, and burns fat directly. In other words including this on your bulk will give you more muscle and less fat per month on your bulk.  And its good for you.

Pre-weight Interval warm up is the winner!!!!

The best way to apply cardio for all reasons is to do intervals for less than 30 minutes with an average of 80% max heart rate before your weights.  If you dont lift weights, start. It is a superior form of exercise to all cardio. Diet is how you lose fat, exercise is a drop in the bucket when it comes to daily calories.

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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