Cardio -Part 2

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Left: Cardio Right: Weights

Left: Cardio
Right: Weights

Cardio Sucks For Fat Loss

The Fat Burning Zone is defined as low intensity exercise for an extended period of time.  45-65% of your maximum heart rate for 30-60 minutes.  This is called the fat burning zone because the highest PERCENTAGE of calories come from fat.  But the total fat burned per unit time is actually less than that of real exercise.  To make matters worse, the only reason the percentage is high is because its a duration over 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes cortisol is released and cortisol eats muscle and fat. Doing cardio over 30 minutes directly eats at muscle tissue and stops muscle growing.  The only reason why the heart rate is so low is so lazy people can make it through more than 30 minutes of cardio, a higher heart rate does not make you burn less fat.

 If your reading between the lines you’re thinking that the ideal amount of work would be 80% or more of your maximum heart rate for 29 minutes.  your right, with one problem; thats not easily done.  That also will diminish muscle building and initiate some muscle wasting.


You Think You Don’t Care About Muscle

 I can’t count the times I have heard women and beta males tell me “I dont care how much muscle I have I just want to lose weight.”  Here is the reality; whether you want muscle for functional and cosmetic reasons or not you DO want it for metabolic reasons.  The amount of muscle you have IS your metabolism.  5 pounds of added muscle will burn off 200 calories a day, or 20 pounds of fat a year every year assuming a fixed calorie diet.

 What Im saying is to burn fat the best way is to control your diet and build muscle.  The muscle will burn the fat while you sleep, obviating the need for cardio.  The athletes I train do their cardio as slow as their grandparents drive, if I dont keep on top of them. They burn 150 calories tops as they slowly plod away not breaking a sweat looking around bored.  Even when I did the stairs for an hour it was only 600 calories. SImply having 15 pounds of muscle, an extra -600 calories a day, would be equivalent of doing an hour of stairs, or 2 hours of treadmill.  I have to eat a half box of girl scout cookies every night or I will lose weight every morning, I do no fat loss cardio. This is because I carry 40 pounds more muscle than I’m supposed to for my height, so I burn 1600 more calories a day than another guy my height and body fat. 


Here Is An Example Of Your Typical Cardio Enthusiast

The vast majority of women do everything backwards when it comes to cardio.  They avoid weights because they think they will get to muscular, which can’t happen unless they inject steroids, or if they do do weights its something useless for muscle building or preservation like crossfit.  Crossfit is glorified cardio with dangerous form and sloppy technique. Its like if zumba was done on Ice.  They starve themselves and train on a nearly empty stomach but make sure to have some sugar like yogurt or fruit to shut off their fat burning and spike insulin high enough to make them tired and dizzy if they work hard.  Then they do hours of slow pointless cardio, this provides these amazing benefits:

*Loss of Muscle and subsequent permanent damage to their metabolism

*In the absence of proper nutrition results in thyroid damage and permanent metabolic damage

*Loses fat from upper body but not lower body creating a “pear” not “hourglass” shape.

*Butt will have a saggy flat appearance, like a pancake.

 After years of this and the subsequent permanent metabolic damage the person will slowly gain fat no matter if they add more cardio. Their doctor will tell them its a result of aging and tell them to do more cardio and their nutritionist will tell them to eat more organic fruit. This poor woman will listen despite neither the doctor or the nutritionist being remotely fit.

 As you can see, traditional cardio is as stupid as burning your house down. You tear your body apart and all that remains is a burnt out shell.


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