Cardio: The Worst Applied Element Of Fitness Mind & Muscle

The Roof Is On Fire

In Detroit, 15 minutes from where I grew up, there is a unique holiday. This holiday is called Devil’s night.  In the D people burn their houses down on October thirtieth every year. There was a fantastic movie set on this night; The Crow, with Brandon Lee.  He died making the movie actually.  People from other cities and countries are horrified when they drive through Detroit. “Your main drag (Woodward ave.) looks like a warzone!” My Californian uncle said on his first visit.  Burnt out husks of buildings line the streets.  Houses in Detroit are often sold for one american dollar.  Most people just can’t understand why people would burn their houses down. Since we grew up here it seems normal and we never considered how stupid and pointless it was.

The way most people, especially women, do cardio is as stupid and pointless as burning your house down. 

A Culture At Odds With Reality

 How did the entire world get the wrong Idea about cardio and how to lose weight? Listening to their out of shape doctors, that’s how.  Would you trust a bald barber? A footless podiatrist? Well plenty of people listen to fat nutritionists and overweight doctors about health.  The reason why doctors tell people walking is good exercise is simple; most people are so lazy, walking IS good exercise compared to sitting on the couch doing nothing.

 Cardiovascular exercise is good for increasing the heart strength and lowering LDL cholesterol by raising HDL. The intensity has to be high for this effect however, one would have to exercise at 80% of their maximum heart rate for this effect to occur. Most people don’t have the emotional fortitude to apply themselves to an unpleasant task, let alone brutal hard work.  I’m sure this seems callous and an exaggeration; it isn’t. If you’re reading this you clearly go to the gym. Even if you only go to the gym to fart around and take zumba classes you are still in the top 10% of Americans. Really. When I was in private practice,almost every patient I had was a couch potato who was on a ton of pills. All I had to do to correct their blood work was write them diets and exercise programs and they could reduce or drop their medication. That’s all it takes most of the time.

Continued in part 2!

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