Carb Back-Loading - Mind And Muscle

In order to lose weight you have to diet strictly. To put on weight and get big you better eat a huge amount of calories… WRONG.


Both these strategies may work, but, not lead to the results you are looking for. When dieting super strict you find yourself low on energy, when eating like a pig you gain not just muscle but also fat mass. Try carb back-loading, As the name says, you limit the consumption of carbohydrates to later in the day. Control your intake of this macronutrient and find yourself being able to gain lean muscle and look toned.


Consuming a large amount of carbohydrates will raise your blood sugar. When your blood sugar raises this leads for the hormone insulin to be released in order to pull the sugar out of the bloodstream and into muscle – or, if excess is consumed – be stored as adipose tissue. When working out, we release stored glycogen and restore them after a workout. This is the window where you want to consume calories as the form of carbohydrates.


Consume carbohydrates, within the anabolic window after your workout in order to replenish the glycogen stores within your muscles. At any other time of the day, however, you will store these carbohydrates as adipose tissue. Don’t get me wrong… You need carbs. EAT YOUR CARBS. But, consider carb back-loading.


Your body’s insulin sensitivity changes over the day. It is the highest in the morning and lower in the afternoon, which leads to believe that carbs in the morning are a good idea. But, if the insulin level is raised early in the morning, it will impair your body’s natural ability to burn fat as fuel. If you wait to intake muscles until later in the day, your body will burn fat as fuel – lipolysis – rather than use the carbohydrates ingested.


Perfect would be to workout late afternoon then eat the carbs right after the workout to replenish the storages. Eat carbohydrates with protein. This will help your body to increase the speed of protein synthesis and glycolysis.


Snack Idea: 1 banana paired with 1 scoop of whey. –


What if I train in the AM?

Eat a small amount of carbohydrates post workout in order to recover but get back to the low carb diet until about 6pm that day.


What if it’s my day off?

Limit carbs to a single late-day meal. Such as dinner with rice, potatoes, oats etc.



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