Buy Anabolic Steroid M-DROL On Amazon - Go To Jail?

M-DROL on amazon.

M-DROL on amazon.

The illegal schedule III steroid “Superdrol” better known as M-DROL or “Methasteron” is being openly sold on Amazon.  Yes that’s right folks, one “insane” retailer is selling 20 bottles of M-DROL on amazon for $30 each.  The people in this industry never seem to amaze me.  Distribution of a Schedule III anabolic steroid comes with a 3-5 year prison sentence and also purchasing of said steroid is also a felony.  I have no idea why people don’t understand the law and continue to sell a product after it is a schedule III steroid.   Understand this is not “andro” these are actual anabolic steroids that carry a pretty heavy fine!


anabolic steroid M-DROL was quite possibly the most liver damaging steroid ever sold, wracking up countless cases in the public database on such things of liver damage and hospitalization.  The FDA refused to do anything for years about this dangerous steroid until the DEA stepped in and scheduled it as a drug.  Now, 2 years after, some crazy manufacturer is selling this openly on Amazon.  I have been able to find more than 10 illegal anabolic steroids on Amazon.  Buyer be ware on this one, ordering an anabolic steroid online can come with a heavy penalty.


With a quick search, you can find everything from the original 1-AD from Ergopharm, Stano-Drol, Tren (estra-4,9-dione) and countless others on amazon.  Most are posted without supplement facts, so even people who don’t know what they are buying may be at risk since it is still illegal to purchase an schedule III anabolic steroid, not just the person selling it.


Amazon is such a convenient place to buy things but it comes with it’s own set of challenges.  Vendors on Amazon often don’t put supplement facts nor do they have descriptions on most products which means that some people may not know that these products are illegal.  That being said, it’s pretty scary to think that one could order something from amazon and get a visit from a DEA agent!

It’s for reasons like this that we ONLY sell hormones that are not Schedule III and also are DSHEA compliant and found in nature.  We theorize, based on numerous studies that natural prohormones based on “andro” do not carry the extreme liver and cardiovascular damage found with harsh oral anabolic steroids being disguised as supplements.



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