Bulking 101: Gain Muscle Mass During Your Bulking Cycle

So you spent the summer in your speedo, playing volleyball and drinking celery juice like you’re from that bromantic scene in Top Gun. Why not? You deserved to show off your abs if you were disciplined enough to carve them out earlier in the year. But as the fall months close in, you’re gonna start to hear things like “It’s 50 degrees out – put a shirt on, D-bag.”

That means it’s time to bulk up. Pack on some pounds while it’s hoody and parka season and no one is gawking at anyone else’s love handles. Then next year when you run a cutting cycle and peel off that tank top, you’ll have some mass to show off rather than just a low body-fat count. Sure… 30 is the new 20, fit is the new skinny, and gelato is the new frozen yogurt or whatever… but muscle is still muscle and you need more of it.

In keeping with the spirit of 101, I’m gonna throw out some ground-level, quick start principles and options for building muscle and getting big. This is by no means the only recipe for hugeness, but it’s a recipe that is tried and true for gaining muscle mass during your bulking cycle.


You know what’s coming here… up your intake. Eat power foods and eat a lot of them. Here are some bullets for eating to build muscle while you’re bulking:

  1. Protein is king. Eat approximately 1.5 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight daily. So if you’re 170lbs, you’ll want to eat around 255 grams of protein each day. Along with your fish, chicken, eggs, and steaks… you’re gonna need some protein shakes and/or bars to achieve this – more on that in the Supplementation section below.
  2. Eat often so you can eat more. This isn’t about eating 6 tiny meals to keep your portion sizes down – it’s about keeping portion sizes down so you can eat more throughout the day. Sort of a reverse portion control.
  3. Find your favorites and keep going back for more. There is a short list of foods that are optimal for bulking and gaining muscle, so figure out which ones you enjoy the most and stock up on them. Stick to meats, veggies, eggs, brown rice, oatmeal, peanut or almond butter, nuts.
  4. Drink a gallon of water every day. Seriously, you’d better have a bottle of water in your hand right now.


Again, we’re laying out an overview of the basics, so keep in mind that there are many variations and lifting programs that will lend to fast muscle and weight gain. But in a nutshell:

  1. Low Reps/High Weight. Go heavy for three sets: Try 5 reps, 3 reps, 1 rep while increasing the weight each set.
  2. Stick to compound exercises. Squats, bench, deadlifts, military press, pull-ups, etc. These will run circles around the likes of curls and leg extensions alone.
  3. Minimal cardio. Kind of a no-brainer, right? If you’re trying to bulk up and gain mass – even lean mass – you don’t want to burn it all away on the treadmill. Save that for your cutting cycle. Try some short bursts to keep your blood pumping. Five 20-second sprints will usually do the trick.
  4. Sleep. Yes, this is part of your workout. You’re wasting a lot of muscle if you’re not getting enough rest.


Ok, so that car has a clean engine, new tires, and comfy seats. Now put some gas in at and see what it can do.

  1. Protein and Creatine. These should be in everyone’s Batman belt. There aren’t many goals that wouldn’t be achieved more quickly with a proper intake of Protein and Creatine.
  2. Prohormones. If you’re really looking to gain mass and build muscle, a prohormone cycle may be up your alley. They’re

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If you’re starting a bulking cycle, head over to the forum and start a thread to log your progress. You’ll find a community of bodybuilders and fitness folks who can provide info, experience, feedback, and support.

Happy bulking.

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