Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris - Anti-Hypertensive Effects

Tribulus terrestris, a vine-like plant growing in subtropical climates, is one of the tribulus species. Bulgarian tribulus terrestris is the type that is typically used in dietary supplements. There are many benefits associated with the use of Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris. The benefits typically associated with Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris include energy, a healthy libido, and increased muscle mass. In this article we will look at the effects of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris on blood pressure.

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris – Anti-Hypertensive Effects has been shown to have (blood pressure lowering) effects. The exact mechanism of this is unknown, but it may be due nitric oxide release, which has a relaxing effect on arterial smooth muscle. The anti-hypertensive effect of Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris is not well-documented, but there is some research supporting this benefit.

The anti-hypertensive effect of Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris is not well-known, nor is it commonly used for this effect. This effect is likely temporary due to the short term dilation of blood vessels. There are certainly better options available for blood pressure control than Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris. There are, however, other benefits associated with the use of this herb that are more significant, such as its ability to act as an aphrodisiac.

To read more about the benefits of Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris, click here.


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