Prohormones: Boladrol - Mind And Muscle

guy and a weight benchBoladiol (7, 17a-dimethyl-androsten-3, 17-diol) is a relatively new designer steroid which was introduced to the supplement market in late 2010 by IBE Technology/PHF Supplements in their product “Boladrol”. Boladrol is a slightly modified version of the steroid Bolasterone, and likely behaves similarly. Boldasterone was sold as a pharmaceutical drug for some time before being discontinued mainly because of its high liver toxicity.

Boladrol is a very potent compound, claimed to be about 600% as anabolic as methyl-testosterone and 300% as androgenic. The dose needed to see results with Boladrol is very low in comparison to other steroids. The typical dosing range is 2-6 mg/day, and many users report significant results with only 2 mg/day. Boladrol should be extremely effective in terms of both mass and strength gains and should work very quickly. Though Boladrol an convert to estrogen, anecdotal evidence shows it to not cause very much bloating and while Boladrol is best used during a mass gaining phase, it can still be used during a cutting phase because it should not cause excessive bloating or fat gain.

All of these great results that come with Boladrol also come with side effects. As mentioned before, Bolasterone was discontinued with liver toxicity being the main cause. Boladrol is dimethylated, and mg for mg it is rumored to be more liver toxic than even Superdrol. The low doses used will help lessen this effect to some degree, but liver toxicity is still a big issue with Boladrol, and this effect limits cycle length to no longer than 4 weeks. Boladrol should never be stacked with other methylated steroids or prohormones. Some type of liver support should absolutely be used before, during, and after a cycle of Boladrol. Boladrol is also very androgenic. While it is a possibility that the C-7 methyl group may decrease 5a reduction, Boladrol is still several times more androgenic than methyl-testosterone and can cause androgenic side effects such as hair loss and acne. While Boladrol does not appear to be a very “wet” compound, it can convert to estrogen and is not devoid of estrogenic side effects.

Boladrol can produce some very rapid gains in size and strength in a short amount of time, but often when gains are made this quickly much of the size gained is lost when the steroid is discontinued. Boladrol also comes with some side effects, especially liver toxicity. Boladrol should only be used by athletes with prior prohormone or steroid experience, and precautions should be taken to reduce the side effects experienced with this potent compound.


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