Bodybuilder In College - Mind And Muscle

Being a bodybuilder is not a job, the people that pursue bodybuilding mostly do it for themselves, it’s not a lucrative sport in any sense. Now, a lot of the bodybuilders are your neighbor next door type of people – just more muscular. We work normal jobs, we go to college, we are part of families, have a significant other, engage in social events…. Bodybuilders are “normal” people.


I have been a bodybuilder for about a year and a half. All throughout this time, I’ve been enrolled as a full-time student at a Liberal Arts College in Michigan.


Being in College makes it harder in some aspects of being a bodybuilder and also easier….



  • Year long gym membership:

I am fortunate to be a student at a college with an amazing gym with 24/7 access.


  • Focusing on myself:

I live in a single dorm room and only cook for myself.


  • Environment:

Being a college student, you are surrounded by other athletes. there is barely a time when I am all by myself in the gym. Football team has practice at 6 am, while I get up to do my cardio… It makes it easier.


  • Inspire and motivate:

You can be a role model to many others, people will look up to you, ask for advice etc. College is a time period of change. Be there to inspire and motivate others.



  • Dorm kitchen:

I have to walk down 3 levels to get to the kitchen and share the kitchen with another bunch of people. I can’t leave the pans or pots downstairs so it’s always a little bit of a challenge.


  • Environment:

Besides just being around athletes, you are also around college kids. Thirsty Thursday, Margarita Mondays, Sunday Funday, tailgating etc. It’s sometimes hard not being able to drink. From personal experience I learned that most people accept the fact that you’d rather not drink though. And just a tip: Bring a bottle…. Whether it’s water or vodka, nobody needs to know but it helps you to look like you are drinking so people don’t offer drinks.


  • Cafeteria food:

Our school usually has people be on a mealplan, in order to follow my coaches mealplan I couldn’t eat the food at the cafeteria tough. Find a way around it and talk to someone if you can’t eat at school.


  • Eat in Class:

I used to not eat in class, just because it’s not really something people do. I got used to it. Most professors don’t care if you eat in class if you don’t make a mess or are a distraction.


Being in College and being a bodybuilder is more of a blessing than a cure. All in all, I think it’s always about you making the best out of the situation you’re in. There will never be a PERFECT time. Make it perfect.



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