Body Fat: How to Burn It!

Sagittal view of fat distribution paterns

Sagittal view of fat distribution paterns

What? No moderately abusive rant? No. If you’re reading this you know what you got to destroy, and I’m going to teach you how to do it.  Know thine enemy. If it bleeds, I can kill it. Time to begin your slash and burn campaign with some strategic divide and conquer. Sun Tzu and Niccolo Machiavelli would be proud of you for reading this. And of course I am too.

Types of Fat

a triglyceride molecule with a sturated fatty acid on top, monounsaturated in the middle, and poly unsaturated at the bottom

A triglyceride molecule with a saturated fatty acid on top, monounsaturated in the middle, and poly unsaturated at the bottom

Adipocytes (Fat cells) store triglycerides. A Triglyceride is a glycerol backbone and 3 fatty acid tails of varying length. These tails can be unsaturated or saturated.  Saturated tails are a long string of carbons without double bonds. Because of this saturation they stack tightly and are stable at room temperature. Bacon grease, butter, shortening, coconut oil are all examples of fat that is solid at room temperature and thus are saturated fats.  Unsaturated means there are double bonds between carbon atoms.  1 double bond is MONOunsaturated, like olive oil or peanut oil.   POLYunsaturated means multiple double bonds.  Omega-3 are the most important type.  The Omega-3 term means 3 carbons in from the terminal (omega) carbon is where the double bond is.  Omega 6, 6 carbons in.  


White Fat

This is the most abundant type of fat.  It is called “white” Because that is what it looks like.  It is the marbling in steak, and the mush under your skin.  White cells produce a hormone adiponectin when your fat cells are small.  This directs insulin to bind to your muscle and liver and not fat cells. Insulin’s job is to shuttle carbs and amino acids into muscle cells, and carbs and fat into fat cells.  By keeping your fat cells small it makes your body more efficient at building muscle and less efficient at storing fat. The fatter you get, the easier it is for you to get fatter, and the harder it is to build muscle.  For competitors this means NEVER GET FAT IN THE OFF SEASON.

Leptin is released by full happy fat cells small or not. Leptin does many things. One of these things is leptin inhibits ghrelin activity in the brain. Thus if fat cells are full, ghrelin activity is low. If fat cells are depleted from burning fat ghrelin activity is high. Ghrelin is what makes someone crave high calorie food. Ever notice that when you’re a little hungry you want chicken and rice, but if you miss a meal by a couple of hours you talk yourself into thin crust pizza to prevent yourself from “losing your gainz” thats ghrelin tricking you. It makes you rationalize giving into your hunger.

Like chocolate, cocaine, and sex, Ghrelin acts on the reward/addictive part of the brain.  This is why women are so emotionally attached to fattening foods. These foods work like drugs and ghrelin is a larger problem for women than men. The ghrelin/Leptin balance is altered by the testosterone:estrogen ratio.  This means addictive foods are more addictive for women than men.  

Ghrelin binds to the hippocampus, and the hippocampus is the part of the brain which regulates memory. Addiction is a learned behavior,and learning is based on memory. Since ghrelin is released when the stomach is empty, when you’re hungry you’re in a state to remember more and learn faster.

Most women under eat throughout the day and then binge on high calorie foods when they can’t take the hunger (Ghrelin) any more. They eat addictive foods and they are in a high ghrelin state which amplifies their addiction as they learn that if they eat that food when very hungry they get a huge emotional rush (dopamine).  Leptin is not released when emotionally stressed and that is why many people emotionally cope by eating “comfort” (toxic) foods; the ghrelin runs amok in the absence of leptin.  

Women: it really isn’t your fault, in every way mother nature has stacked the deck against you. Tears come to my eyes as I type this as I have seen the pain, confusion, and frustration of hundreds of women that just can not say no, no matter how bad they want to.  

 As you can see you want to keep your fat cells small and as you diet a hormonal cascade begins that tricks you into thinking your body “needs” a certain food like a woman on her period or a pregnant woman thinks they need chocolate.  Truth is you DO NOT, its your body tricking you into getting fat because a fat body is a baby making body and all your good for as far as mother nature is concerned is for making more humans. As you’ve noticed driving home from work, There are more than enough humans.  So fight overpopulation: Don’t eat what your body tells you when you’re hungry, eat what I tell you.


Brown Fat

Brow fat distribution patterns on human Infants

Brow fat distribution patterns on human Infants

This is a functional type of fat that creates energy from triglycerides.  The reason it is brown in color is because it has a large number of mitochondria.  Mitochondria are organelles which convert fat into energy with the use of oxygen.  this energy is in the form of heat and ATP.  normally 9 calories of energy come from the burning of one gram of fat, but with uncoupling proteins found in brown fat some of these calories are lost as heat. It was originally believed only hibernating animals and babies had brown fat. Normally when were cold we shiver and our muscles generate heat by burning energy.  More muscle, more heat. thats why bodybuilders are hot to the touch and why many wear shorts in winter, or tanks in the fall.  Babies and hibernating creatures can’t shiver so the brown fat converts triglycerides fromt eh white fat into heat.  To deliver oxygen to the mitochondria brown fat cells have much more capillaries carrying oxygen rich blood, again making them darker than white cells.

Interesting tidbit: Brown fat and muscle cells have the same original stem cell. When that stem cell is exposed to the transcription factor PRDM16 it turns into brown fat, when it is not it turns into a muscle cell. White fat cells have a separate origin.  

Brown benefits outweigh the white benefits

Brown benefits outweigh the white benefits

It has recently been discovered that exercise activates brown fat to burn white fat, and the more intense the exercise the more brown fat activation.  Additionally the body adapts to frequent bouts of high intensity exercise to transform more of the white fat to brown fat.  Thats one reason men can lose fat so much faster than women; weight training is intense, cardio and zumba is not.  Thus repeated weight training shifts the metabolism to being more efficient at burning fat.

I know those who do zumba think it is intense. I know they sweat more in zumba than when they lift weights.  But that’s because in zumba it is moving your body weight through space for 30 minutes to an hour and  you can burn at most 700 calories.  If you only squatting 10 pounds for 20 reps you’re doing 1/20 the work of a man squatting 200 pounds for 20 reps.  Thus men of equal weight can burn more calories per hour lifting weight than they can doing cardio, but women who don’t really lift aren’t very strong and cant burn as much calories per hour doing weights as they can cardio.  Learn how to lift so you can build muscle and up regulate your brown fat at the same time. Cardio accomplishes little save burning calories at that moment.

 Beta agonists like clenbuterol and ephedra up regulate brown fat activity. They make your body give off heat by activating the brown fat cells. DNP is an uncoupler and can cause more heat and less energy per gram of fat burned. L-carnitine facilitates transport of fat into the mitochondria.  Yohimbine targets fat in hard to burn places for liberation, Synephrine and caffeine liberate fat from white fat cells. There is the sequential chain of getting the fat from where you don’t want it to the place that burns it. This only works in the absence of insulin. So if your taking 5 different drugs to burn fat they still only work if your diet is right. Cytomel or T3 will upregulate your total metabolism and also protect your muscles when combined with Clenbuterol.

Subcutaneous Fat

This is a fancy way of saying the fat under the skin.  It is usually just white fat and has no negative health consequences. It is not necessary in men and covers our muscles up, but sexy on women in the right amount and in the right places.

Christy Mack has The right amount of fat. feminine tone and curves!

Christy Mack has the right amount of fat. Feminine tone and curves!

 The term “supple” means toned muscles with a thin layer of fat, just like “curves” are fat covered muscles.  This is not to imply that a body made exclusively of fat is attractive, but a healthy balance of fat and muscle is what men are physically attracted to at an instinctive level. Breasts are mostly fat.  

Attractive? absolutely. would she be even more attractive if her abs were covered with some fat? YES!

Attractive? Absolutely. Would she be even more attractive if her body was covered with some fat? YES!

Once a woman has a 6 pack this is when they start to get to lean and this is evidenced by the loss of a period. If you can’t get pregnant then men will instinctively not want to have sex with you. Why plant seeds in a sallow field?  Its the fertile field which gets plowed.  Neither Playboy bunnies, pornstars, nor Victoria’s Secret models have ripped abs, and this is the reason.  


Visceral Fat

This is the fat inside your abdomen. It is why you see older bodybuilders with ripped abs but huge midsections.  It wraps around your organs and slowly kills you, increases the risk of diabetes, and causes dementia.  Mechanism for dementia is not known but is believed to related to leptin, as that has some role in memory.  It is formed when someones insulin resistance goes up.  As someone eats lots of carbs their insulin goes up. As with any hormone, as the concentration in the blood rises the receptors down regulate. The muscles become less sensitive to the insulin and it directs the carbs and fat to fat cells. Remember adiponectin? As the fat cells get fuller they hypertrophy just like muscle cells. Now your fat cells are larger and there is both high insulin, and low adiponectin. This directs the fat and carbs to the visceral fat cells. Like a vice they crush your vital organs over time and make insulin sensitivity of the muscle even worse. In the end its a downward spiral. When a bodybuilder injects GH subcutaneously he targets and burns subcutaneous fat, but not visceral fat. By the end of his prep he will have shredded abs and glutes, but keep most of his visceral fat he put on during the offseason. If this happens year after year, his midsection gets bigger and bigger.  Nicotine has been proven to decrease not only fat accumulation when in a calorie surplus (while bulking), but it decreases the % of visceral fat that is gained. For example instead of gaining 8 pounds of subcutaneous fat and 8 pounds of visceral fat you gain 6 pounds and 4 pounds respectively.  


Diet and Exercise

To burn your body fat using the methods I found most effective in a simple integrative system which I have used on hundreds of people check out 30 Day Transformation: The Time Is Now!

Part one is everything you need for the diet. Part 2 is a basic weights routine and links to advanced cardio and weights theory. Part 3 is a list of the supplements you can safely use and most importantly section 9 describes the simple way you can adjust your calories to keep the fat coming off.  

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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